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Emerging Growth Company Risk FactorHave seen companies with less than 1B in revenue with this risk factor. Basically by filing as an emerging growth company it enables the company to avoid certain reporting requirements such as executive compensation agreements, etc. From an investing perspective, how big of a deal is it if a... 1 month 2 weeks
Best Websites to Find Furnished NYC Rental...Hi everyone, I'm an incoming SA and looking for an apartment. I checked out some websites but all the apartments on it are either 1 year + leases or come non-furnished. Can anyone recommend some websites for finding apartments to rent that are furnished? Thanks! 12 months 6 hours
Group Selection/Networking for BB SA Hi everyone, Accepted a BB SA offer for investment banking. The summer internship is group-specific but the actual group selection doesn't take place until later. Does anyone have any advice on how the process works and any things I should do to increase my chances of getting into a specific... 1 year 3 months
Barclays Global Markets Boot CampHas the deadline already passed for this? I thought it was October 5 but I can't find a way to apply. I login and can't see options to select the bootcamp or for an internship in NY? Are they not recruiting yet or have they already filled their IB spots? 1 year 4 months
Following Up on a Cold Email after No ResponseWhen someone does not respond to a cold email and I want to follow up with them again after a week, should I just send the same email again or preface it by saying something like "I hope this email finds you well." Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance 1 year 5 months
Online Investment Banking Internship - Thoughts?So I'm doing an online investment banking internship. Here's the full description I got once I started doing it. In general, this internship will last 3 months, will be fully online, and will simulate the experience of being an M... 1 year 6 months
Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel’s $3 Billion Rejection...Yo Zuckerbro, I wanted to hit you up personally to tell you how gutted I am that stuff didn’t work out between Facebook and Snapchat. It’s a bummer, but Facebook just isn’t the smexy young hookup we’re looking for, $3 billion or not. Sorry to be a buzzkill. I’m sure you get it, brosepher. You... 2 years 2 months
Networking - How much is too much?For the bulge bracket banks, how many people is it too much to network with or within a certain group at a bank, how many people should you network with? 2 years 7 months
Goldman Sachs Undergraduate Camp: more...Can anyone that knows about this or has gone through it provide me with some insight into what it's like? Also, does anyone know how many people are selected for this? Thanks in advance. 8 months 3 weeks
PE Real Estate InterviewI have an interview coming up next week with a private equity real estate firm and I barely have any knowledge of real estate. This is a very entry level position so they might not be expecting me to know much, but nevertheless I want to be prepared because I need to get this internship. Can... 2 years 9 months


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Seen FIG people secure solid buyside placement,...Seen FIG people secure solid buyside placement, in both FIG-specific roles and also generalist roles or even roles in a complete other sector (e.g. TMT). The other option is usually corp dev at a FIG company (usually a client that they've worked with or their firm advises). Also something to... 3 months 3 weeks
Different multiples for each of those so I don't...Different multiples for each of those so I don't think you could really compare them apples to apples. Don't have much experience with insurance but banks tend to trade on P/TBV and P/E 4 months 1 day
Have insightful questions for each group. For...Have insightful questions for each group. For example, if you're interested in LevFin, know about the regulatory changes going on, etc. Reading up on some of the group's deals or reading initiation of coverage reports on companies in their sector, (especially some of the less popular ones) might be... 9 months 1 week
Depends on the degree of asset sensitivity. Also...Depends on the degree of asset sensitivity. Also not too sure on the following but something I read once was that usually when interest rates, short term interest rates rise very quickly but then long term rates take longer to rise and usually occurs with the economy's gradual improvement, so... 9 months 2 weeks
Google Ibis World Industry Reports. You're...Google Ibis World Industry Reports. You're welcome :) 9 months 3 weeks
How are the stipends looking? How are the stipends looking? 11 months 4 weeks
InterestedInterested 11 months 4 weeks
Totally doable. Try structuring it as kind of a...Totally doable. Try structuring it as kind of a learning thing where you teach people about fundamental IB concepts, prep for interviews, discuss markets, etc. Eventually recruiters that go to your school will seek out kids who specifically were part of that club. Even more important if you go to a... 12 months 2 days
Also curiousAlso curious 1 year 3 weeks
Will work fine. You are a freshman. You don't...Will work fine. You are a freshman. You don't need directly relevant experience like a boutique IB. It would certainly help, but not absolutely necessary. if you can get a big 4 or f500 internship your freshman summer, you should be in a good position to try to get a boutique ibd internship your... 1 year 2 months
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