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How to Treat the New Blood: 3 Rules to FollowMod Note (Andy): #TBT Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted on 2/7/13 Now, most of the posters on WSO aren’t managing anyone yet or even have anyone below them on the totem pole for at least a few years, but those that will (or have) may benefit from this post. There are literally... 2 months 2 weeks
Which HF offer to take?Hi WSO, I would like some advice on next steps in my career. My background is typical 2 years BB IBD and 2 years PE. Recently received two HF offers, both are long/short fundamental shops that are focused on long-term and not quarterly/momentum runs (1-2 year+ holds). Unfortunately, I can't... 12 months 17 hours
Prospect CapitalJust wondering if anyone has any insight in culture, dealflow, mobility, and thoughts on Prospect Capital. Thanks! 1 year 2 weeks
How to Save Your WeekendMake sure to see rufiolove's comment part way down... Given that it's Friday and I'm looking to finish up some work and get out of here myself, I'm going to keep this short and sweet. When you first start in banking, you're pretty much stuck. I wouldn't risk the political capital and... 2 years 6 months
Picking the Right GroupMany threads have been created over the years concerning which group is best, what exit opps are from each group, etc. While strength of groups change with the tides, i.e UBS healthcare left for Jefferies, I’m only going to comment GENERALLY and on my OWN experiences at a mid-tier Bulge Bracket... 2 years 7 months
What to do with DAT BONUSI understand that a lot of the readers on this board have never received a sizeable bonus and the minority who do were already paid months ago back in June/July, but I hope this post is still helpful to some about how to manage the bonus that you receive from your finance job. 1. Pay off your... 2 years 8 months
So You Made It to Banking, Now What? Congratulations!!! You made it into investment banking. Of course early on you're excited and just want to spend 100+ hours in the office to impress everyone and get that top bucket bonus, but how do you really get the most mileage out of your 2 year stint in banking? For most, it's about exit ops... 2 years 8 months
Funniest Stories - The Analyst YearsAlthough working as an investment banking analyst was a living hell at the time, I now look back at my years with nostalgia. Luckily, as time passes, the 100 hour weeks just blend together and the pain has gone away. Of course, I'm still irrationally uncomfortable and nervous whenever I see a red... 2 years 8 months
An Ocean of Capital: Saturation in Private EquityFirst it was rumors. The grapevine of talk from other private equity associates and friends from the BB where I did my banking stint. Of course, gossip is one thing we’re all used to from our investment banking days and just like at our old jobs ,there was no shortage of juicy gossip. However, I... 2 years 9 months
Which data/research provider do you prefer (CapIQ...Just wondering what my fellow private equity colleagues prefer their firm uses. For once I have the ability to decide which provider our firm uses going forward and am wondering what others are using and how they like it. From talking to account reps, it seems like Thomson definitely has the... 2 years 9 months


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Look at the strategy first. No one at...Look at the strategy first. No one at Bridgewater is actually doing real meaningful work, which is quite well known. DE Shaw recruits from ugrad, 90% for back office. Did you look into what type of strategy it is? No PM I've ever met was a trader (long/short fund). Don't know why I bother... 1 week 1 day
Obviously banking. And many top analysts can...Obviously banking. And many top analysts can leave for a top HF after 1 year of banking, there's no set recruiting schedule like there is with PE. Go talk to any of the top 5 headhunters and they'll tell you. 1 week 1 day
I'm not trying to chase anyone away but the...I'm not trying to chase anyone away but the amount of posers/fakers/idiots on this site have really gotten out of hand. I've stopped trying to give actual advice. And if you couldn't tell, I simply copy/pasted my reply to Lexington from the movie Billy Madison. So Lex makes 200k currently... 1 week 4 days
PHD in finance is useless. If you could get a PHD...PHD in finance is useless. If you could get a PHD in CS at CMU you wouldn't be asking. 1 week 6 days
Just to put this to bed, if you don't go to...Just to put this to bed, if you don't go to Wharton you're an idiot. This is not about banking chances, anyone who talks about banking in this thread is looking way too short-term. Anyone who has worked in a decent gig in finance can tell you that certain buyside firms barely look at you if... 2 weeks 17 hours
Lexington55: graduated little over three yrs ago...[quote="Lexington55"]graduated little over three yrs ago to be exact. i shopped for bargains at tj maxx and macys then and i still do now. is that a problem? after graduating (ivy), i was fortunate enough to spend the first two yrs out of college doing international relations work for the MENA... 2 weeks 5 days
tds2006: He probably meant top 25 undergraduate...[quote="tds2006"]He probably meant top 25 undergraduate business schools, and guess what: it is.[/quote] Ah yes, the esteemed Bloomberg rankings! All this time I thought Bloomberg was good at giving me LIBOR rates on my terminal but I was totally... 2 weeks 5 days
IMO anything besides fundamental long term...IMO anything besides fundamental long term oriented long/short is a gamble, so no I would not do any HF strat other than long/short. And although we are killing it YTD (knock on wood), I'm still learning new things on companies I've looked at for years. There is simply no way you can get an edge (... 2 weeks 5 days
"I realize FSB is a non target but still a top 25..."I realize FSB is a non target but still a top 25 undergrad" LOL 3 weeks 4 hours
Yes, well respected firm, mostly credit but has a...Yes, well respected firm, mostly credit but has a smaller equity arm. 1 month 1 week