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Former Banker discussing failure in Silicon Valley[quote=Hayden Williams]Recently I grabbed coffee with a founder whose startup is in a similar stage to mine. I reached out to him after he signed up for our networking platform. Because he had also started his career in finance I was interested to speak with him. We shared the challenges we were... 1 2 years 5 months
Holiday Gift IdeasThought it might be interesting to start up a thread on good holiday gift ideas for friends, family members and coworkers. Idea is to find solid gifts that most people might not think of, so let's keep the iPad and scotch recommendations to a minimum. For simplicity, let's target a $100-500... 5 2 years 6 months
Taleb's 5th Rule"The markets will follow the path to hurt the highest number of hedgers. The best hedges are those you are the only one to put on." Is there a theoretical or behavioral basis for this, and if so, can someone explain it. If there is any distinctive trait required for this rule to apply to a... 4 3 years 3 months
VV Tie ClubBasically 15% off if you pre-buy. Not sure its a better deal than trolling Century 21 but if you don't have time, are particular about motifs and were going to buy a few ties anyway, might be worth your while. 2 3 years 4 months


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While this is a dumb question, what is dumber is...While this is a dumb question, what is dumber is looking like a clown day 1 or wasting your cash on clothes you won't wear. 1) You need at least one nice suit for meetings with management teams and when investors come by. I recommend navy, no pinstripes, but charcoal is acceptable as well. BB... 24 1 year 3 months
Do you think that the success of what are...Do you think that the success of what are functionally craft products, either crowdfunded or sold on etsy, moves the branding one step up the value chain for components that were formally commodities. For instance - your marketing page specifically calls out YKK Zippers. For apparel projects, Loro... 140 2 years 2 months
Own venture wins by a lot, but only if you have a...Own venture wins by a lot, but only if you have a good business or technical/operational/marketing base (and ideally a co-founder with the other), an idea you believe in and generally good self-control. Otherwise it won't go far and/or you not be super-engaged and you won't get much out of it. Most... 5 2 years 2 months
TheKing: Only time I could see private school...[quote=TheKing]Only time I could see private school being justified is if the local public schools are just awful. But, chances are that if you're making good money, you live in an area with good public schools. I went to a great public high school and turned out just fine, as did 99% of my high... 119 2 years 2 months
Issue with going small is you don't want anyone...Issue with going small is you don't want anyone who will take you, as it will be tough to learn a lot. Best bet is 1) Be a rockstar 2) Win an investing competition judged by a PM or something and impress them (and then follow up with with more good pitches) 3) Know people 29 2 years 4 months
Having been the first year who had to compile and...Having been the first year who had to compile and print the online resumes, you would be surprised how many place they actually get read. If you would be competitive in OCR, you will probably be competitive via the website apply link. That being said, you should network if you can. Just because... 22 2 years 4 months
xfactor: RRL denim. totally worth it. RRL is...[quote=xfactor]RRL denim. totally worth it.[/quote] RRL is surprisingly cheap at Saks after Christmas. The sticker is so high because they have to pay for those crazy premium, low volume retail stores. I also like Lucky, but that is a fit / comfort thing. Levis are fine if you want to keep it... 53 2 years 4 months
No need. You will need to put in substantial...No need. You will need to put in substantial effort to soul search and find a fire to drive your essays to get in (or fake it, which is actually harder to do in a believable and internally consistent way, especially without history of ECs or something to "prove" your story). If you can get in... 13 2 years 4 months
jbone24: Awesome. I have noticed a sick little...[quote=jbone24]Awesome. I have noticed a sick little game that Sr. people like to play, its called get the Jr. people drunk. All good fun, especially when they ask you to get the shots, order a shot of water for your self and give them the vodka. (after you have had 10).[/quote] If you can drink... 20 2 years 4 months
You have a lot of stay at home spouses because a...You have a lot of stay at home spouses because a lot of the people at the top are old (50+). Look at professions where you can hit it big by the time you are 40 (silicon valley, hedge fund managers, even younger big law partners) and you see a lot more households where both work in some capacity... 55 2 years 4 months
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