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Chicago IB HeadhuntersAnyone have a few names of headhunters that cover the Chicago IB scene? Currently at a MM firm in a different city, trying to lateral to Chicago. I'm guessing some of the larger HHs (Pinnacle, Phoenix, Glocap, etc.) cover firms in the area, but was just wondering if anyone knew for sure who has a... 5 months 3 weeks
Goldman SA SuperdayI've got a buddy who's going through the process today and I was surprised to hear about the logistics for his superday (I know IBD is having one today and I think he mentioned securities as well.) First half of the interview is about two hours and starts mid-morning. After interviewing you're... 1 year 4 months
MTM/Custom Dress ShirtsI'm looking for a site to get solid MTM dress shirts from. I'm aware of Indochino, Blank Label, & Proper Cloth, just curious if anyone has a go-to ($100-150 price range) shop that I haven't mentioned where you can enter your measurements online. 1 year 4 months
JPM 'joins' GS in the battle to win Jr...JPM is apparently about to roll out a firm-wide policy regarding the work-life balance for Jr. bankers. The plan is supposedly going to set in place 1 weekend per month that each jr banker will receive off (compared to the 36 hour/week rule GS announced in November.) Do you guys expect more banks... 1 year 5 months
MHT PartnersAnyone have any insight about MHT Partners, specifically in Dallas. I looked around on the site and the info is limited/dated. This is a shot in the dark but thanks in advance. 1 year 8 months
SA S&T to FT IBD AdviceI spent this past summer as a SA in S&T at a BB (GS/MS/JPM) in NYC, and realized about a week in that S&T wasn't a fit and neither was NYC. I now want to pursue MM/boutique IBD in Chicago/Minneapolis/Dallas/Denver/Atlanta for FT. I have two options; try to land a FT IBD gig through recruiting... 1 year 9 months
LAX in FinanceJust read an article on Bloomberg which oozes on and on about ex-lacrosse players on wall street. Is their presence (as well as athletes from other sports) what its made out to be? I've heard plenty of times "wall street loves athletes" or some other cliche, but I haven't encountered many at all... 2 years 22 hours
Bonus cuts are one thing, but now Seamless cuts?Macquarie, after cutting bonuses for many of the analysts has now cut Seamless allowance. Crossed the line, guys. “Macquarie is making further cuts to analysts. Weekend Seamless is now $25/day, cut from $40. All analysts are trying to leave. Morale is extremely low.” 2 years 1 day
Buyside recruiting article by the NYT[Removed] 2 years 3 days
DB back office giving double pistols to the streetApparently the work of back-office employees at DB helped it land a piece of Apple's $17B bond offering. Either the WSJ is a major troll or BO employees FTW. 2 years 5 days


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iBanking - Slim fit: how slim is too slim?Slim enough for your abs to bulge against the shirt. 1 day 5 hours
Investment Banking options in Charlotte/Atlanta...Baird is in CLT as well, though unsure of what groups/staff levels. It may only be MDs taken from Wachovia during the crisis. 2 days 17 hours
Wall Street DietI can't believe more people aren't crushing Quest Bars throughout the day. They could have raised their recent round off of orders from our group, MD - Analyst. 2 weeks 2 days
Undergrad businessRoss. Run into kids from all four schools frequently, although Ross and McD the most. Ross will provide the best all around experience. 1 month 5 days
Top MM Healthcare Investment Banks?Agree with above, especially Blair and Jefferies. 2 months 1 week
Help: Accept a MM PE position in the Middle...Lateral to an IB analyst position. 2 months 2 weeks
AMA - Movement in Finance: How to Lateral Into,...What are the best Headhunter firms to utilize? 2 months 3 weeks
Perella vs Centerview vs GreenhillCenterview. But I'd always choose Centerview. 2 months 3 weeks
The Pro's and Con's of being part of a...I'm part of a very small analyst class (with respect to our office). I'd prefer to be in a large one in order to have a broader network, and to learn from the other guys. Bouncing ideas off of analyst becomes bouncing ideas off of associates, fine because we have a couple of rock solid associates,... 2 months 3 weeks
Moelis vs Houlihan (London)Comparatively? Moelis. HL is still trying to stand up CF internationally. RX is well established. 3 months 42 min