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Is 3D printing the next big thing?I had the pleasure of attending SXSW this year and witnessed what I think is the next BIG thing in technology. We’ve all talked about Google’s Project Glass and its potential to change the way we view and interact with our environment. We’ve also all seen the crazy shit that cell phones are now... 36 3 years 1 month
‘Tis the Season for RejectionsYou walk out of your superday feeling pretty good about your performance. You start recounting all of the questions you were asked and your amazing responses to said questions. “I nailed this one”, you tell yourself. You reward yourself with a latte from the neighborhood Starbucks and think to... 27 9 months 4 weeks
Sleeping Your Way to the Top (NFL Style)Monkeys, I admit it. The topic title is a bit misleading. But now that I’ve got your attention, I wanted to talk to you guys today about an article that I read in the Wall Street Journal a couple of weeks ago that discussed the benefits of sleep and how some teams in the NFL are using it to gain an... 12 3 years 4 months
How to negotiate with liars - 5 Steps (part 2)Fellow primates, today I wanted to share a few more insights from Professors Malhotra and Bazerman on negotiating with people who lie. In my last blog post, I introduced the topic and shared some insights on what one can do before the negotiation process to limit the other party’s temptation to lie... 1 3 years 5 months
How to negotiate with liars - 4 StepsFellow monkeys, in my last blog post, I discussed my inability to negotiate things for myself and how I went on to rectify this short coming by reading some books (mainly Negotiation Genius) on the topic. Many of you said that the advice that Professors Malhotra and Bazerman give on negotiating... 7 3 years 5 months
What to do Before Negotiating - 5 StepsA couple of months ago, I had an epiphany. I absolutely sucked at negotiating things for myself. It seemed like every time I was involved in a negotiation, I always came out as the loser. To make matters worse, I discovered that when I was involved in a negotiation with an incredibly hot girl, I... 13 3 years 5 months


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RichardPennybags: Offtopic, but from the same...[quote=RichardPennybags]Offtopic, but from the same channel :, what the fuck?![/quote] I saw this a while back. Dude's hands shake like crazy. 36 3 years 1 month
I think If you're going to list a major gpa on...I think If you're going to list a major gpa on your resume, then you must list your overall gpa as well. Listing a major gpa alone will only raise questions during the hiring process (In most cases, people will see you listed a major gpa only and will start asking about the overall). I think your... 21 3 years 1 month
MonkeyMath: B School Rejections not there yet =/[quote=MonkeyMath]B School Rejections[/quote] not there yet =/ 27 3 years 4 months
snakeplissken: the worst is you when you walk...[quote=snakeplissken]the worst is you when you walk out of an interview feeling great and thinking you almost definitely will be hired... and they don't even bother telling you you've been rejected. that was always a big pet peeve of mine. if you're gonna reject me, email me as soon as you can.... 27 3 years 4 months
BTbanker: JEF? Obviously RBC, just look at his...[quote=BTbanker]JEF?[/quote] Obviously RBC, just look at his post history. lol 7 3 years 4 months
BTbanker: Someone run a regression analysis of...[quote=BTbanker]Someone run a regression analysis of sleep (x) vs. number of wins (y).[/quote] According to the article, of the four Pacific time playing teams, three of them lost 75% of the time when playing on the East Coast at 1:00 PM over the past decade. 12 3 years 4 months
GED or Bust: Interesting read. But what...[quote=GED or Bust]Interesting read. But what negotiations are you losing with hot women?[/quote] Just random arguments/negotiations. Once I was trying to convince a die hard Yankee fan that the team is going to run into a lot of trouble because of aging players and huge contracts (especially... 13 3 years 5 months
Determined: Sometimes when people lie to me I...[quote=Determined]Sometimes when people lie to me I just repeat it back as if I'm thinking about it. The key is to not say anything else and let them wonder what you're thinking. Their mind will fight a portion of the battle for you as they try to take in the unexpected and emotionally vague... 7 3 years 5 months
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