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What is better for MBA or MIFHey everybody, I am currently facing a decision for next year: Either I can work in a start-up which is now expanding in a new country (and I will have a leading position within the foreign division) or I can work in a finance related field (academic). Since I am still studying, working FT at... 2 years 4 weeks
Living in London as an internHey everybody, do you have tips for finding an accommodation in London (Tower Hamlets / Canary Wharf / E14) for 10-12 weeks? Maybe you have some contacts or homepages you can recommend. Do you have any learnings you could share here? :) 2 years 3 months
Case Study within S&THey everybody Has anyone ever completed a case study during an AC within a BB in S&T? Was it more general or a desk specific case study? Thank you for your help:) 2 years 3 months
Forthcoming Sales Assessment Centre at JPMHey everybody, just curious if somebody was invited to the forthcoming Sales Assessment Centre at JPM in London at got a date when it will take place. Thanks and have a nice weekend! 2 years 3 months
JPM Assessment Centre Sales Dear monkeys, anybody completed the JPM Global Markets Sales Assessment Centre? case study / group work? If somebody could share his or her experience you would a student trying to break in very happy and grateful:) as always...THANKS FOR YOUR HELP:) 2 years 4 months
Three times same IB in the CV -> Good or bad?Hey everybody, short introduction into the issue: I had the chance to complete two internships within an IB (not a BB). Their focus clients are industrial SME´s but also SME´s from other areas. The bank offers a wide range of service incl. Capital Markets and M... 2 years 4 months
Second Round Prep -> S&T InternshipHey guys, after the first round I would like to ask if you have any recommendations for books / magazines to read to prepare for a trading desk internship within a BB. I know this was asked a lot and I know there is Mr. Hull ;) Thanks so much everybody! I appreciate your help:) 2 years 4 months
Cancel the subscription for Company ResearchDear WSO-Team Is it possible to cancel the subscription of 29.99 / month for the Company Research? For now, I will only need it for a month but there was no information about how to cancel the subscription. Thanks for your held:) 2 years 4 months
JPM First RoundHey I received an invitation for a first round @ JPM for S... 2 years 4 months
GS S&T Summer Analyst InternshipHey everybody Has somebody received feedback for a Summer Internship (Analyst) at GS´s S&T? Thanks! 2 years 4 months


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Wolf of Wall Street Trailer DropsLook forward to it! Excited for the response of my "non finance" friends :D 2 years 2 weeks
Ask Me Anything: BB Equity Derivatives TraderThanks! What will be the tasks of a Sales Intern? Afaik client contact is not usual for interns. 2 years 2 weeks
iOS 7 -- Thoughts?But the control center is awesome :D 2 years 3 weeks
iOS 7 -- Thoughts?IMO Cook wanted to tell shareholder's yesterday that they should not loose faith in Apple b/c they only want to produce the best products. Hence, yesterday was a total shareholder show and nothing else IMO 2 years 3 weeks
A Week in the Life of a Wall Street Intern -via...some of them realized to privatize their IG accounts :D 2 years 3 weeks
Thoughts: WSO 2013 LayoutBananas are yellow...afaik ;) 2 years 4 weeks
A Week in the Life of a Wall Street Intern -via...If you click in the article you can access their instagram profiles -> exactly what everybody tries to avoid when cleaning up social media. hmmmmm...they should think twice about posting as an INTERN 2 years 4 weeks
What is better for MBA or MIFI am sure that some schools will have different approaches but there should be some parallels. Which B-School is better is right now not important for me ;) 2 years 4 weeks
Outted on WSOI think it is hard to figure that out as long as you don't mention the country or the companys' names 2 years 4 weeks
Why You DON'T Leave Banking for B School...Made me think a lot about next year when I will finish my undergraduate :/ At some point you want to pay off your debt from undergraduate studies with working but doing a master's right away is also tempting if you want to stay in the same firm. Great post! 2 years 1 month