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Internship help - Interested in ER I am seeking the advice of WSO here on my internship search. I am interested in an equity research career, and as most analysts on this board, they likely started out with an internship somewhere. Likewise, in looking to start my career, I am looking at internship possibilities, and in doing so... 2 1 week 1 day


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After playing and coaching, I'm very confident...After playing and coaching, I'm very confident the game will grow at an accelerated pace; however, Title IX is the game's biggest obstacle to growth. It is embarrassing that there are only 63 men's Division I teams. Compare that to the women's side where they have over 100 teams, including major DI... 45 2 years 11 months
FSC: Is there any situation in which what you're...[quote=FSC]Is there any situation in which what you're saying doesn't hold true? Arguments like these completely miss the point of what's being said. Not to start an ideological dispute, but by the logic of your argument, everyone in every country that has ever fought against the US and lost a... 24 3 years 3 weeks
FSC: Can someone explain the bad part about this...[quote=FSC]Can someone explain the bad part about this to me? I'd rather have someone with a life experience teach me something than someone who "hypothesizes" that "it's likely" that "most things" in a field "probably" work in "one of x amount of ways." Her crimes are despicable, surely,... 24 3 years 3 weeks
futurectdoc: Is anyone going to the accepted...[quote=futurectdoc]Is anyone going to the accepted student day?[/quote] I'm definitely going to be there. A great chance to meet a lot of people and see more of the area. Hope everyone else can make it! 49 3 years 1 month
I lived in Texas and went to school in the South...I lived in Texas and went to school in the South and worked in the mid-Atlantic and Texas >>>>>> anywhere else. 53 3 years 1 month
Our firm only invests internationally and...Our firm only invests internationally and everyone speaks the language of their specific area. So the Eastern European team will have members, for example, that speak Russian, Ukrainian, Croatian, etc. However, this may be unique to us because we do so much in terms of due diligence. I really have... 12 3 years 1 month
jss09: Just sent out my app for R3, my stats are...[quote=jss09]Just sent out my app for R3, my stats are about average for the program and I am coming from a finance/acct background. Im worried about getting waitlisted because i need to get started on housing/internships/knowing where the fuck im going to be next year and the stories above concern... 49 3 years 1 month
Texsun: If you really think that fining parents...[quote=Texsun]If you really think that fining parents for failing to regulate their children's food intake is okay then I suggest you move to communist China. People and children have their own decisions to make and in the process make mistakes and learn from them. I am so sick of the nanny state... 32 3 years 2 months
lm-1993: meabric: LearningMan:'s...[quote=lm-1993][quote=meabric][quote=LearningMan]'s harder for men to use this approach? O_O[/quote] way easier, since 75%+ of the industry is men,and the weirdness goes the other way too.[/quote] Yeah, but the fact that 25%- is women means that a woman is a lot more likely to help out... 19 3 years 2 months
KKS: RWLforever: The Duke MMS employment report...[quote=KKS][quote=RWLforever]The Duke MMS employment report addresses this specifically. 97% of students "without permanent U.S. work authorization" received an offer within six months after graduation and 69% received an offer within two months after graduation.[/quote] Maybe they have more... 26 3 years 2 months
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