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M7 MBA - Worth It?Recently I had a chance to have a long conversation with my friend's roommate, who finished M7 MBA 2 years ago and now works in BB IBD. He previously worked in consulting. As someone who currently works in consulting and was thinking about doing MBA in near future and potentially doing the IB... 32 2 years 8 months
Life TragediesI just learned today that one of my friends from my college was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The doctor gave him 3 more months to live, max, and they couldn't really do anything about his disease. My friend is a very cool, outgoing, and genuinely nice dude who is very smart and works... 11 2 years 10 months
Volunteering at a non-profit organization over...I was wondering if it is feasible that I can volunteer at a decently sized non-profit organization on weekends? If so, in what kind of ways or in what job function can I volunteer, typically? How do you get a volunteering job at a large non-profit? I am a consultant so I travel mon-thurs every... 11 2 years 11 months
I-banking Analyst VS Actuarial AnalystI have several friends from college working as I-banking analysts in NYC banks. Despite their 6-figure salary, not one of them seem to be genuinely happy with their job. Actually, one of my friends just quit his job with nothing lined up. He told me he just hated his job so much and couldn't take... 14 3 years 5 months
College tuition in U.S. is too jacked upIt's scary to know that the full sticker price at many private universities are over 50k per year, including living expenses. Four years, that's over 200k. And, the cost of tuition keeps going up every year. I attended a private institution myself, and the full sticker price at my alma mater is... 44 3 years 5 months
Is Econ actually a legit degree?Is a BA in Economics a useful degree for getting a finance or other business related job? I used to think so. But I am not sure anymore. Background: Graduated from a top target, class of 2010, BA in Econ. GPA was real crap, though. (too much drinking and socializing..) Upon graduation, I... 22 3 years 6 months


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DCDepository: So long as you go to a top 20...[quote=DCDepository]So long as you go to a top 20 target school then your major is irrelevant. I guess water is wet, too. There's not a single person on planet Earth who doesn't get that or who disputes that. We're talking about the nation at large. I thought that was pretty apparent in the... 69 2 years 7 months
On this issue, I think a proper analogy is the...On this issue, I think a proper analogy is the pre-med track and how the choice of major factors into the whole equation. (in this case, getting into a med school would be the equivalent end-game compared to getting a job in finance/ consulting, just for the sake of analogy) Again, I had... 69 2 years 7 months
leveredarb: whilst there is some truth to what...[quote=leveredarb]whilst there is some truth to what Ivygrad writes its waaaaaay to generalized. No top HF / PE firm will take a 3.8 sociology major over a 3.6 engineering GPA further down the line, Even Trading wouldnt, banking and sales are intellectually alot less rigorous since anyone can do... 69 2 years 7 months
DCDepository: Congratulations, IvyGrad. Of all...[quote=DCDepository]Congratulations, IvyGrad. Of all the posters I've seen on this forum, you've managed to be the most disconnected from reality. If you go to an Ivy League school (or one of the sub-Ivies, like Williams or Stanford), this isn't a discussion for you. Because of on-campus recruiting... 69 2 years 7 months
There is a great irony in this discussion, re:...There is a great irony in this discussion, re: value of liberal arts degree in the work force. On this finance-centric forum, I'd argue that a liberal arts degree may actually be MUCH better than a STEM degree in terms of breaking into the types of jobs being discussed on this board 99% of the... 69 2 years 7 months
^ 33 new hires for McK includes both...^ 33 new hires for McK includes both international and domestic offers. I've heard this numerous times from my MBA buddy at Columbia that many Asian or European students at MBA fail to land a gig in the U.S. and head back to their home countries and get MBB offers in their country. These numbers... 20 2 years 8 months
I think you should apply for MSF programs and see...I think you should apply for MSF programs and see where you get in. Based on the schools you can get in, make an informed decision whether to pursue the degree or not. (meaning don't go unless you get into a top program) Same deal with MBA. Go if you get into a top program and if you feel that... 98 2 years 8 months
Getting MBB consulting out of a top target Ivy...Getting MBB consulting out of a top target Ivy college is still ridiculously competitive. I always kind of laugh when some clueless posters here imply that coming from HYP, you'd have to be a screw up not to get one of MBB or BB IBD gigs. From my college (HYP), around 300 kids applied for 5-7... 49 2 years 8 months
before jumping into the conclusion that x,y,z,...before jumping into the conclusion that x,y,z, mba program places a 'ton' of its grads into MBB consulting: 1) lots of students at M7 MBA were MBB analysts who are sponsored by MBB to attend MBA, meaning they have an offer waiting come MBA graduation -> this inflates MBB placement stats for MBA... 20 2 years 8 months
I'd be cautious with shops such as IBM or...I'd be cautious with shops such as IBM or Accenture's 'Strategy' consulting practices. A good friend of mine works at one of those shops under 'Mgmt Consulting' division, yet 70-80% of the work he does are writing business requirements for IT implementation projects. By going with IBM, I'd... 17 2 years 8 months
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