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Dell Consulting??Hey guys, a friend of mine got a gig at Dell doing consulting (I did not get the chance to ask him in what area... but he was a CS major, so..) But, until he told me he got a job there, I had never even thought about DELL as a consulting opportunity. What are your thoughts regarding Dell's... 3 3 years 3 months
Psychology vs Political ScienceI am to the point that I am going to need to declare my minor soon, and, instead of doing the usual finance, acct, econ minors, I was wondering what some of you thought about psych or polsci minor? These two subjects interest me, but not to the point that I would want a career in either ... I... 15 3 years 4 months
Info on Deloitte Hey all, I am currently a freshman at a large public school, pretty high Big 4 presense during OCR, although, not sure if strictly for audit/tax ... It turns out, I personally know a guy that works for Deloitte consulting, but I'm a total noob in the consulting world, so I don't know which... 9 3 years 4 months
Wreck my career "plan"I have given this some thought and have some ideas I’d like to share with some of you, and see if there is anything any of you would change. I am not asking a “what are my chances” type of question, as I now there is no way to accurately answer that. Just if you think my strategy seems like it will... 27 3 years 5 months
Networking Advice - Decided to do a Accounting/...Here's the deal: After cruising around here for a few weeks and getting some great info from all of you monkeys, I have decided to do a Accounting/Finance dual major (Master's in Acct/BBA in Finance), regardless of having practically zero IB alum at my school. I have to at least try, right? So,... 2 1 month 4 weeks
Energy ConsultingHey all. I go to a non-target, and have practically have 0 alumni base in IB. Good news is that Energy consulting firms do happen to recruit from my school. My question to all of you is: Is E consulting the real deal? Pay the same? Prestige? Hours? Ect... Also, if I chose to do E consulting... 3 3 years 5 months
Undergrad Help ...Hi all, long-time lurker, first time poster... I go to a non-target university, and I have some questions. First, being a non-target, I have heard from many around here that it is almost impossible to get a IB job from my school (But, of course, nothing is impossible). So, do I major in... 6 3 years 6 months


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Maybe you mean average invested assets rather...Maybe you mean average invested assets rather than total? If that is the case, you can use the formula ROI = Net Op. Income/Average Invested Assets 4 2 years 5 months
ZenMaster: So I'm clueless, how does it actually...[quote=ZenMaster]So I'm clueless, how does it actually work? Is it a case of not-eating say 20 hours in the day and then eating the final 4 or can you go like say 3 days without eating and then 2 days normally eating and 2 days not eating again? Sorry, I've looked around and it seems like there... 30 3 years 3 weeks
IF hasn't done much for me in terms of weight...IF hasn't done much for me in terms of weight loss- as I'm fairly lean, I would have to be damn-near perfect in my diet. Which I can't due to external factors. Anyway, I just like the lifestyle this 'diet' offers. No more eating every 3 hours, thank goodness. Warning: when I first started IF, I... 30 3 years 3 weeks
TX.. No doubtTX.. No doubt 53 3 years 1 month
sleeveless shirts and flip-flops... sleeveless shirts and flip-flops... 87 3 years 2 months
I'd like to echo what Sir said. If you don't...I'd like to echo what Sir said. If you don't think you're smart enough, why would anybody else? The guys I know in finance have pretty big egos. i.e. think they are the smartest guy around (but not all of them...) Maybe try building your confidence? Good luck! 5 3 years 2 months
Thanks for the reply F. Ro. I was afraid of that...Thanks for the reply F. Ro. I was afraid of that. 3 3 years 3 months
Wow. Very helpful for those of us trying to get...Wow. Very helpful for those of us trying to get into IB. Thank you for this! 122 3 years 3 months
The Kid: For future reference - 99% of the time...[quote=The Kid]For future reference - 99% of the time anyone that works for a bank, firm, financial institution, etc that has the title of "Vice President/Director/Managing DIrector" followed by "Investments" means that they work on the wealth management side.[/quote] Thanks for that tip! 14 3 years 3 months
Hmmm... after cruising around LinkedIn, I found...Hmmm... after cruising around LinkedIn, I found quite a few "Vice President-Investments at Merrill Lynch" as well as the OP, but, how would you cold email these guys? I mean, if you're not even sure where they work, it seems like this could get awkward? Any input would be great. I'd love to be... 14 3 years 3 months
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