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Persuasive Speech Topics Relating to Finance/...I have to give a persuasive speech on a topic of my choosing, and figured I would come here for some suggestions. 1 year 3 weeks
Now What? - Post Offer StagnationTwo years of hustling to get into a top investment bank in New York from a non-target finally concluded early last month with a summer analyst offer. I spent the past month celebrating and enjoying having nothing to do, and nothing to worry about. But now it seems that that has become a problem. I... 1 year 7 months
Generalist SA Program AdviceI accepted a summer analyst position at a MM in NY and was wondering if anyone can offer some advice on how to do well in, and get the most from, generalist programs. Should I begin networking within the groups I'm most interested in now? Tips/advice on how to go about the summer? 1 year 8 months
Dog NamesI got a golden retriever puppy the other day and am trying to come up with some good names for her. Trying to avoid the typical, cliche dog names and anything too 'feminine'. Possibly something finance related, which isn't easy for a female dog. Anyone have any ideas? 1 year 9 months
Phone Interview During LayoverA very important phone interview got pushed back to tomorrow, and the only time our schedules matched up was during my 80 minute layover in Milwaukee. No idea where I will be able to find a good place to do it. Not a big airport, no airline clubs, and it's the holiday season. Anyone have any... 2 years 4 days
SA 2014 Application Deadlines / Networking Trip...I am planning on making a trip to NY to network and get some face time with my contacts. Not sure when to go though. Early January or before winter break? Is it best to go before the application deadline or is it best to go after but before they start interviewing? Also, does anyone have a... 2 years 2 months
Nothing to do during internshipI'm interning at a BB in there brokerage division, and 4 weeks in I really haven't done anything. 80% of the day I'm asking for something to do or just reading things of interest to me. The other 20%, maybe, I'm doing filing or other admin stuff. The team I work with half the week doesn't ever... 2 years 5 months
BB Internship to IB Internship next year?I am a sophomore and I have an internship at a BB in there brokerage/WM division. How can I get an internship next summer in there IB division? I plan on killing it and hopefully network with some people in IB. Has anyone done this? 2 years 7 months
J.P. Morgan Internship - Success StoryI just got an official offer for a summer internship with J.P. Morgan Securities. When I first started looking for a internship in November I never thought I would get anything other than an unpaid at a boutique. Background: I am a sophomore at a non-target with a 3.3 GPA, I interned at a small... 2 years 7 months
Future Leaders in Finance SRRHas anyone done the Future Leaders in Finance program offered by Stout Risius Ross? I got accepted to be interviewed for it and would like to hear some first-hand experiences. 2 years 7 months


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Pretty sure it's just the 5 panel drug screen. If...Pretty sure it's just the 5 panel drug screen. If not, I think your reason would be sufficient and they wouldn't terminate your employment because of it. Good luck. 6 months 2 weeks
7 months 4 weeks
There is no work life balance, work is your life...There is no work life balance, work is your life. You got to pay your dues and make sacrifices. I was talking to a CEO of a Fortune 500 company last year, and his advice for starting a career was just that, "Forget the concept of work-life balance, there is no such thing if you want to be... 8 months 1 week
wareagle4230: "To your point" gets on my nerves...[quote=wareagle4230]"To your point" gets on my nerves.[/quote] That and "piggy-backing off of what Bob said" are probably at the top of the chart for me. Nothing like a Q&A where every questions starts with that saying. 9 months 1 week
Circle back. Touch base. Not in our wheelhouse....Circle back. Touch base. Not in our wheelhouse. Pencils down. Bandwidth. Do you have any color on XYZ? Net-net. Best practice. A granular perspective. I'll tackle XYZ. Any sports or war reference. Don't exactly hate them, just some examples. Once you hear them, you can't help but add them to... 9 months 1 week
Sent you a few examples I found a couple years...Sent you a few examples I found a couple years back somewhere. Hope that helps. 9 months 1 week
I know the feeling. Everyone I know working FT IB...I know the feeling. Everyone I know working FT IB or PE just tells me to enjoy college as much as possible while you still can. Took the advice to heart first semester, burning through most of what I made over the summer and my special incentive signing bonus. I highly suggest it if you haven't... 9 months 2 weeks
I'm in the same situation as you but haven't been...I'm in the same situation as you but haven't been thinking about PE recruiting. I've just been focusing on learning and preparing so that I can come in as ready as possible, that's probably the best way to get ready for recruiting. Do a good job and let it go from there with a little bit of... 9 months 2 weeks
If you go to a non-target and want it bad enough...If you go to a non-target and want it bad enough, you'll work you're ass off to get that offer, doing whatever it takes. In the end, regardless of where you end up, you'll find that that path you took was in itself beneficial. You'll learn a lot (about yourself and in an academic/business sense),... 9 months 4 weeks
Garados. It shows you're great work ethic and...Garados. It shows you're great work ethic and long term commitment to the firm since you had to raise it from nothing (Magicarp). Guaranteed offer, possible direct buy-side entry too. 11 months 3 weeks
WallStreet Prep Master Financial Modeling