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McKinsey Dubai: interview tips?Anyone have any experience with interviewing here (post-MBA most relevant, but something is better than nothing)? Any and all details appreciated: - # of rounds - types of questions - differences between interviews/offers here and in US offices - format (fly in for final or video conference... 2 11 months 3 weeks
FT Ding to Intern?I am a 2nd year MBA student and was dinged in recruiting at final rounds for a full-time position at my top choice firm, but believe I left good impressions over all (interviewers responded to my thank you emails, connected with a few on Linked in after, etc.). Now the recruiting cycle for interns... 9 3 years 5 months
Post MBA: Boutique or LDP?I am supposed to hear back for post-MBA roles from a boutique consultancy with a good reputation in the lifesciences (where I want to work long term), and lifescience F500 commercial LDP rotation programs. Any thoughts on which would be the better move? All the LDPs are 2-4 years with well-... 4 3 years 5 months


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Do you have any experience with MBB in the...Do you have any experience with MBB in the Mideast? Just wondering what the difference in recruiting, compensation, hours, industries, etc. looks like at the post-MBA level if you know? Also is MBB a good platform to jump off to VC? 131 3 years 3 months
bumpbump 2 3 years 3 months
Similar to other people, I think without any kind...Similar to other people, I think without any kind of graduate degree its going to be a tough sell to get into a formal post-MBA LDP. With that said, I have also seen people come in with MS, PhD, etc. If you are in a program that is outside of normal MBA hire process, either crash the MBA recruiting... 7 3 years 5 months
This is pretty good: caseinterview[dot]com/...This is pretty good: caseinterview[dot]com/consulting-cover-letter 9 3 years 5 months
baykus: ladubs111: You are mistaken when you...[quote=baykus][quote=ladubs111]You are mistaken when you say interns are lower risk than FT. Intern is actually higher risk for the firms, because they are wasting money on you to train you, and then have no guaranty you'll come back and sign on.[/quote] Exactly. Internships are more difficult... 9 3 years 5 months
timlambcurry: I don't view this as particularly...[quote=timlambcurry]I don't view this as particularly high risk; he theoretically does the internship and either gets an offer or goes to his full time position elsewhere. The issue is that I don't think it'll work. They had a chance to take you (possibly even two chances if you tried interviewing... 9 3 years 5 months
VoidTrading: Here is the only issue with being...[quote=VoidTrading]Here is the only issue with being an intern: 1) Why you over a 1st year MBA with essentially the same skillset and a possible transition into a FT offer post internship. I mean, don't get me wrong, but even if it is your top choice firm you can not get hung up on it.... 9 3 years 5 months
Its tough because I could see myself wanting to...Its tough because I could see myself wanting to do consulting long term. I really like variety in project work, strategy vs. implementation/execution, and the idea of working with early stage biotech/medtech companies is really exciting. I think my long term view would be more tilted towards... 4 3 years 5 months
OMS: apply for summer internships and extend...[quote=OMS]apply for summer internships and extend graduate if you need to. but keep interviewing for FT position even if they are lower tier.[/quote] Any thoughts on what would be a better course. I am waiting to hear back from a boutique in the lifesciences, but with a fairly good reputation (... 6 3 years 6 months
I'm in the same boat, I went through final rounds...I'm in the same boat, I went through final rounds with a non-MBB strategy consultancy but a great 2nd tier, and got dinged after the final round. Is it worth either reapplying off cycle, next recruiting cycle, or even for a summer '13 internship (even if I am graduating in May)? I think the... 6 3 years 6 months
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