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Working at a Small Regional OfficeHey everyone, I've recently found myself in the position of deciding whether or not I want to stay at my current company (BB corporate finance) where I've been for 2 years, or move on to the regional office of a European bank. Normally I wouldn't consider the move, but there are 2 things that... 1 year 4 months
Personal Finance Excel TemplateBeen thinking about getting really on top of my personal finances and although I've created my own spreadsheet that I think it pretty decent, I was wondering if anyone else had already done this and had a template they could share. I've found a couple decent ones on the internet too, but seeing as... 2 years 1 month
Who Gets the Technicals?I graduated with an economics degree and interviewed for a variety of different finance jobs, and I think that over the 2 years that I interviewed for SA and FT, I got maybe 3 technical questions and 2 of those were easy "walk me through the 3 statements" which barely even count. So, I'm... 2 years 7 months
Career Path for the Back RoadJust curious if there's the opportunity for the same kind of exit opps and the like for BO and MO people? Obviously not in terms of pay, but do MO or BO people move from a BB after a few years to a PE or HF ever (and get paid more)? I gotta imagine the skills of Risk, Finance, and in some cases,... 2 years 7 months
Citi Finance HoursRecently got a FT offer for a Citi Finance Analyst position (3 year rotational program for undergrads). Wondering if anyone has worked there or knows what the culture is and what types of hours I would be looking at. I think this position would be considered either MO or BO (controller, treasury... 2 years 7 months


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Boutique IB vs. BB ERAgree with the above. The skill set from MM IB and BB IB are the same. In most cases, that's more important than simply having a BB name on your resume 5 months 2 weeks
DC Advisory vs. Commerzbank, both M&A...If you're interested in sticking with M... 5 months 2 weeks
Corporate Banking Huddlein my experience, it is more common at the junior level. there are a couple of people at my bank from Moody's at the analyst / associate level who left after 1 - 4 years of rating agency experience. from what i've seen, the more senior guys are part of the credit committee(s) that approve/reject... 10 months 5 days
Corporate Banking Huddleamen to this. plus the hours beat the shit outta least most of the time. on top of this, depending on the risk appetite of the bank, credit analysis on some companies - especially highly leveraged ones - is pretty cool imo 10 months 5 days
Don't Masturbate. Don't Look at Porn.i think the real problem here is that he actually had to save his porn links 1 year 3 weeks
Age Limit for Finance Rotation?yes. i personally know guys who have come out of the army to do it so they're around 28/29 1 year 2 months
FP&A offer! Need advicea real good one is learning about the different uses of sumproduct(). easily one of the most powerful functions in excel, and can do the job of a sumifs, countifs, etc. It is essentially an array formula without actually having to be entered as an array. You may not need it for an internship,... 1 year 2 months
Controllers = FP&A???generally, as you seem to know, FP... 1 year 3 months
Corporate Finance At Smaller Companiesthe tough thing about corporate finance at small companies is that at a small company, often times planning... 1 year 4 months
Right onI don't work there but I have a few friends that do and have also been contacted by recruiters from amex so I have a decent picture of what the company is like, at least for the finance track. 1. For finance they like to rotate/move people every 18 months or so. This is a good thing. You learn... 1 year 4 months