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The Drunk MD StorySo last weekend, I decided to get shit-faced because I had a rough week. The typical…lack of sleep, lack of social life, and lack of sex. I wanted to have fun tonight, regardless of my state of mind. I could have easily went back home and fell asleep in 5 minutes, but fuck it. It’s Friday night,... 80 2 years 12 months
From Dentistry to Investment BankingEver since I could remember, I’ve wanted to become a dental surgeon. Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Statistics, and Calculus were all my strongest subjects. I was one of those kids who studied half as much as others, but still got one of the highest grades in the class. For as long as I could... 86 3 years 4 months
Top 5 Must-Have Skills for 2013The pressure to excel is higher than ever. With the economy, market, and political structures of our society rapidly fluctuating, job prospects are becoming limited and competition is becoming incredibly difficult to maintain. Parents, mentors, and peers continue to add to the pressure. Parents... 11 3 years 4 months


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ssmaclac: You know the story is bullshit...[quote=ssmaclac]You know the story is bullshit because no one shotguns a beer at a club. Cheers, Barstar[/quote] That happened at the apartment.. [quote=leveredarb]I still dont believe this happened, nobody senior stays this late on friday, even analysts staying past 12 on a friday is... 80 2 years 12 months
OutsideMan: given the writing style, id say...[quote=OutsideMan]given the writing style, id say poster is indian but anyway, sounds like a typical friday night, just missing some coke and green. [/quote] Wait, so I write like an Indian. Is this a compliment...can't even tell. The snow and the herb, will be for another tale my friend. 80 2 years 12 months
Toshi83: Is it bad that I feel pity, some...[quote=Toshi83]Is it bad that I feel pity, some sadness and want to /faceDESK? No wonder this country's banking industry is such a mess.[/quote] Attention everyone in finance. Stop drinking, having fun, and posting stories online. Listen to this guy right now. 80 2 years 12 months
mbavsmfin: Lame. Even most MBA parties are way...[quote=mbavsmfin]Lame. Even most MBA parties are way more exciting than what the OP posted. [/quote] If your MBA party isn't more exciting than this, that would be a big problem 80 2 years 12 months
Lambie: I feel like I read this before... Is...[quote=Lambie]I feel like I read this before... Is this a repost...?[/quote] You're not going crazy. WSO sometimes revives previous posts so that newcomers can get exposed to them. 80 2 years 12 months
jss09: I dont see whats so interesting about...[quote=jss09]I dont see whats so interesting about this, or why it was able to make the front page. Sounds like a pretty average night, no drugs were involved, you didnt get laid, nobody got arrested- not saying you need any of those things for an awesome story but this was lacking in almost all... 80 2 years 12 months
ajg1137: Probably 69'd his MD I 69'd your...[quote=ajg1137]Probably 69'd his MD[/quote] I 69'd your Mother and your Daughter. 80 2 years 12 months
CharmWithSubstance: Awesome post and great humor...[quote=CharmWithSubstance]Awesome post and great humor throughout. Though I am surprised that with your personality, you thought about dentistry in the first place![/quote] Thanks! I've heard it both ways...some people said I'd make a great dentist and some have said that I'm definitely the... 86 3 years 4 months
earthwalker7: I must say I wish I could leave...[quote=earthwalker7]I must say I wish I could leave finance for medicine. I've even left for a while to take the premeds but I seem to lack your capability in the sciences at the college level. All those smart kids with AP sciences in their recent memory. I will take the middle of the road... 86 3 years 4 months
DkrCap: 10 bucks says poster is Asian or Indian...[quote=DkrCap]10 bucks says poster is Asian or Indian.[/quote] lol you owe me $10! 80 3 years 4 months
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