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Resume Review Appreciated - Rising Junior - Non...Hey guys, I need to get my resume finalized before recruiting season heats up at the start of the fall. Coming from a non-target, I will be forwarding my resume to some contacts that I have made at some of the BBs up in New York. Overall GPA is a bit low I know. I am aiming to get it to at... 1 year 11 months
Any Use in Reaching Out to Current Summer...Hey everyone, So I've been in the process of reaching out to people this summer in NYC, as being from Texas it is incredibly harder to break into the NY IBD industry than it is Houston. Would reaching out to current summer analysts be of any use? I'm certainly not just trying to "use" anyone... 1 year 11 months
How To Correctly Insert Future Internship/...Hey everyone, Today I accepted a position at a BB (GS, JPM, MS) as a GWM intern. What I am wondering is if Is it frowned upon to put this in my resume NOW, without actually starting the internship yet? If it is not, could I get some advice on how to correctly word it in my resume? Thanks... 2 years 4 months
Need Advice For Which Internship to PickThanks for taking the time to read this. I am currently a sophomore finance major at a "semi-target". I am on track to pursue (and hopefully obtain) an IB internship next summer, but I need some advice on which non-IB internship offer to accept this upcoming summer. 1. PWM at Morgan Stanley... 2 years 4 months
Sophomore Semi-Target Resume. Feedback is Welcome...Hi guys, I posted my resume for critique about a month ago and surprisingly it didn't get too many harsh criticisms. Since then, I've changed some details, minor formatting errors and updated the descriptions of each position. I welcome any and all feedback. Be as mean or as nice about it... 2 years 4 months
Interning at a Boutique as a Sophomore...ObstacleHi guys. I have recently been trying to reach out to some boutique firms in my area and other near metropolitan areas. I have seen that many sophomores have had luck finding a formal/informal internship with boutique firms for a summer, but the biggest (and only) obstacle I've run into so far is... 2 years 5 months
Guide To Evaluate a Biotech Company I am currently a research analyst intern at a relatively decent sized hedge fund. One of my responsibilities is being in charge of the biotech stocks in the portfolio as well as researching new opportunities in the biotech sector. Hopefully this helps some people who are in need of some help... 2 years 5 months
Any Feedback Is Appreciated. Thanks. 1. I understand my GPA is on the lower side. I definitely have some explaining to do in my interviews. 2. Critique as little or as much as you want. I help review a number of people's resumes in my business school, but since this is my resume I probably... 2 years 6 months


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Goldman FIG vs KBW vs Sandler O'Neil vs EVR...KBW and Sandler have very different corporate cultures. They both do a lot of small-midsize deals. KBW definitely weakened themselves after being acquired by Stifel. Sandler has been stealing deals from them. GS FIG is a great group. 2 months 2 weeks
Letter to the HR: Please don't underestimate...OP this probably sounded much cooler in your head. 2 months 2 weeks
Is Energy Banking still an Attractive Destination?Nah there's no hope. The energy field is done for. 3 months 4 weeks
PJT & Sterne Agee IB mergerYou're such a troll. You even commented in the thread that stated Stifel was buying Sterne. 3 months 4 weeks
Cornerstone Research SA vs. Macquarie Capital SA...If you want to do BB IBD, then obviously pick Macquarie IBD SA. 3 months 4 weeks
topic names?No 4 months 1 hour
Which schools place best for Texas IB/PE?TRIP is mainly for energy sales/trading, energy consulting and energy risk management. 4 months 4 days
Middlebury vs McCombs I will expand on why I think McCombs is the better pick. 1. It's easier to go to NYC from McCombs than it is to go to Texas O... 4 months 4 days
Middlebury vs McCombs McCombs. Plus you'll have the time of your life in Austin. 4 months 4 days
Which schools place best for Texas IB/PE?[quote=BankerC159]Also if you have grand designs of going to the Street and end up at A&M be sure to apply for Aggies on Wallstreet. You can make some really good contacts in NYC, there are more Aggies and A&M affiliates on the Street than you probably realize. You will get to interact and... 4 months 4 days