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Goldman Sachs Securities Division Equity Trading...Hey all, Anyone know what the GS's Equity Trading does these days post-Volcker? I am talking about cash equities, not derivatives and not sales trading. Market making stocks and with a overlay of position / prop trading? Any fundamental analysis required, or just pure reactionary trading?... 1 3 months 2 weeks
Investment Managers / HFs in KoreaI am interested in Korea as a long term option for personal reasons, but I don't read Korean well (yet). I was wondering if anyone can share with the community names of equity investment managers / HFs that focus on investing in Korea. This can either be based in Korea or is a fund that focuses... 4 months 1 week
Investment Tax Credit and Deferred Tax LiabilityI have two financial modeling questions related to energy finance / project financial modeling: 1) US investment tax credit is 30%, which reduces tax liability of the parent company. How is this treated in a project financial model? Is it a reduction in project cost at the outset in the... 1 2 years 9 months
FTI Corporate Finance Senior Consultant Salary +...Anyone kind enough to share some data, or comparable data? For any big city in the US (NYC, Chic, SF etc.) I've looked on Glassdoor but the data range is pretty wide and not division-specific. Thanks c 1 3 years 1 week
ERP value to Energy/Utilities Consulting This topic is not heavily discussed so I would like to hear some thoughts on the current and potential future value of the ERP for energy/utilities consultants. By "value" I mean helpful to getting into the field or progressing in same meaningful way within the field, not the content of the program... 3 years 1 month
Accenture Strategy Consulting US 2013 latest news...Yep. I know. There's been a lot of Accenture bashing in these forums but I do not intend to start another one. I would like to gather any inside opinions/facts about its (non-IT) strategy division as of late: 1) what (non-IT) strategy consultants (think post-MBA or 3-4 years... 11 3 years 3 months
project finance vs leverage finance vs M&A -...I have read most of the project finance exit opps threads here and I notice: 1) the lack of response from the WSO community 2) if there is a response, the answer is PE energy/infra funds Because of 1), I want to try again, as there might be other people like me, an explorer in this field... 10 3 years 4 months


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Nothing? How about any division in the company...Nothing? How about any division in the company at Senior Consultant position in NYC/Boston/Chic etc? 1 3 years 1 week
interesting. what about the travel - do they...interesting. what about the travel - do they usually serve clients just within South Korea? I ask this because international consulting firms have local offices in Japan, China and they speak different languages anyway. 11 3 years 3 months
Anyone from either a Canadian or Japanese bank PF...Anyone from either a Canadian or Japanese bank PF / syndication / structured finance desk? Would like to hear your views on how these national institutions are / will be performing relative to the usual suspects of European and US banks in the PF business going forward 2013. Anything from... 10 3 years 3 months
I would like at it this way... Financial...I would like at it this way... Financial consulting: CFA is helpful for obvious reasons Economic consulting: (a) securities litigation, e.g. NERA, CFA is helpful because you can apply your knowledge of securities valuation to the work these consultants do and in the industry it is an... 2 3 years 4 months
Thanks for the insight! Very helpful.Thanks for the insight! Very helpful. 10 3 years 4 months
Thank you for the answers, everyone. kingb, I am...Thank you for the answers, everyone. kingb, I am interested in the comment that a strong PF organization/team has "advisory capabilities". Care to elaborate on that? I am thinking that it is distinct from transaction work but comes hand-in-hand with transaction work for teams with strong... 10 3 years 4 months
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