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Winston VS MariotaThe crab legs pic was clearly intentional, and I thought it was hilarious on his part. Re: OP's question, the only scenario where I see Mariota having a better pro career than Winston is if Chip Kelly somehow makes a play for him. It will be hard for Mariota to go to a shitty team and learn a... 3 weeks 4 days
Series 7 advice taking it on thursdayYou're fine. You only need a 72 to pass and most people I know do better on the actual test than their practice tests. 4 weeks 1 day
Lied on Resume about GPA for Summer Internship -...Sign it and claim you had a typo on your resume if they question it (since it is the inverse, could be plausible). Most firms have 3.2 minimums anyway though, not sure why you lied. Could've legitimately rounded to a 3.4. I'd be shocked if anyone would've dinged you just because your resume said 3.... 1 month 1 week
Tax Impact of valuation increase in a startup I...Don't forget the 3.8% additional tax on net investment income provided by the ACA for people who make over $200,000 singly / $250,000 jointly. And the 15% goes to 20% if he makes over $413,200 singly or $464,850 jointly. And of course add on any additional state tax rates. Depending on his income... 1 month 1 week
JPMorgan Private Bank - Compensation Ladder...Can confirm that 1st year associates start at $125k but not sure about 2nd and 3rd year associates 1 month 2 weeks
JPMorgan Private Bank - Compensation Ladder...Solutions and integrated team analysts and associates are part of the same broader programs so pay is same across both. Those numbers are base only, although we are told overall comp will not go up too much (they say not at all but I think that is more managing expectations than reality) but base... 1 month 2 weeks
JPMorgan Private Bank - Compensation Ladder...Responsibilities will be different because you would be supporting senior people in the running of the business. You wouldn't be a true front office client facing person. Base pay should be the same. 1 month 2 weeks
UPenn Wharton, Dartmouth, Georgetown, Berkeley,...This is horrible advice. Go to Wharton. It's a no brainer. 1 month 2 weeks
Undergrad - UChicago vs. Brown vs. other schools...UChicago is where fun goes to die if you are the typical uber-nerd that goes there and feels like their Friday night is best spent in the library. It is possible to have fun there - I had a fucking blast my 4 years there. Once you get a good fake just go to the bars in Lincoln Park by DePaul every... 1 month 3 weeks
JPMorgan PWM (Chicago) or inter-dealer broker (NY...Ahhh my bad, I read "front office broker" and glossed over the ICAP part. Well, I would say take the JPM offer if it is for the private bank, but take the ICAP offer if it is for the legacy Bear Sterns business. You don't want to work there. 1 month 3 weeks