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Pro Forma, Period AdjustmentsHey guys, few questions here: 1) I'm looking at a company that has decided to change its year-end reporting date from May 31 to December 31. Their latest report is for 7 months, ending in December 2013. How would you guys go about modeling this company out? Would you add the following... 1 year 7 months
Stock WarrantsFigured it out. 1 year 10 months
Best forums for traders and investors?Something that is the complete opposite of Yahoo Message Boards? I'd like to bounce off some ideas, and get thoughts on how to approach taking a position in a stock. Thanks. 1 year 10 months
Accounting Question: Treasury MethodHey guys, quick question for anyone who is well-versed in accounting: With the Treasury Method, there are three considerations. 1)The cash proceeds from issuing new shares. 2)The non-expensed (non-vested) value of options. 3)The excess tax benefit. Can anyone please explain the second... 2 years 2 months
Private Equity - Operating SideAre there any good threads on this area of the business? Would be great to hear some detail on the sort of work that gets done from that end. I have the opportunity to join a small PE firm that is led by a PE operating expert (top PE experience.) It doesn't seem like they're interested in... 2 years 3 months
.. 2 years 4 months
Assault on Wall Streethaha. 2 years 2 months
.. 2 years 5 months
.. 2 years 5 months
Independent Film FinancingBloody Bobby, the feature length film, has been appraised at $300,000 and Black Pumpkin Pictures has agreed to open this production up for private partners for 49% of the movie. Black Pumpkin Pictures LLC will be managing partner and own 51% of the movie. The other 49% of the Bloody Bobby film... 2 years 6 months


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gives a whole new meaning to the term " a whole new meaning to the term "blood diamond" 1 year 6 months
OP: "So this guy I've been dating for six months...OP: "So this guy I've been dating for six months (he initiated most contacts) who hasn't asked me for sex yet" i don't understand what's happening. what the hell is this? 1 year 6 months
BTbanker: Am I the only one who sees that she's...[quote=BTbanker]Am I the only one who sees that she's fucking the partner(s)?[/quote] btbanker has shown you the light. 1 year 7 months
word of advice to OPbrah: probably should avoid...word of advice to OPbrah: probably should avoid linking your blog to this username. the internet doesn't forget. i can tell you from experience, it can fuckin drastically change your life for the worse. 1 year 7 months
Agreed. OP is from Kenya, not Nigeria.Agreed. OP is from Kenya, not Nigeria. 1 year 7 months
based on empirical evidence taken from my...based on empirical evidence taken from my linkedin page, i tend to agree with you. at least, until i am positioned into the role of ceo. 1 year 7 months
interesting that there are two "theories" out...interesting that there are two "theories" out there that are in direct contradiction of each other regarding why incompetency is so rampant in corporate hierarchy: peter principle vs. dilbert principle. is it the person who is just generally shitty, or is it the role that makes the person... 1 year 7 months
if you end up losing it all, just leave the...if you end up losing it all, just leave the country. actually, don't even gamble it on the market - just leave the country with the money. wtf are they gonna do? sue you? 1 year 7 months
Nice call broNice call bro 1 year 7 months
Change mine to WDFC.Change mine to WDFC. 1 year 9 months
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