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How can a generalist analyst use his time...Hey all, a quick run down - I have been promoted to just the above, a Generalist Analyst on a L/S hedge fund and I am finding the balance between depth and width very difficult to get. I was previously an analyst on one fixed income product so 24/7 i was looking at 3 markets mostly. Now I... 2 3 years 1 month
Jumping from front office derivatives to M&AThought I would get the many monkey's opinions on the subject. I currently work in fixed income derivatives as an analyst and am really keen on moving into M... 2 3 years 2 months
Free Cash Flow questionHello Monkeys, Quick one, when getting the FCF in order to create a DCF, do we take this number from the change in cash and cash equivalents YoY (obviously adding back in dividend payments) Can it be that simple?? 4 3 years 2 months
I would like suggestions on what is the one book...A little background, I have worked in and around finance for a couple of years and so I know my way around balance sheets but when I need to move away from the standard FCF formula (Eg do intangible purchases count at capex?) I am clueless. Is there a book that will walk me through every aspect... 3 3 years 3 months
EV Question - Enterprise values Morning all, I was just going over enterprise values (work in derivs so haven't used it for a while) As I understand it you have the value of diluted equity + net debt + minority interests. If anyone can clear the following up, I would be quite greatful.... 1) Company A and B have same... 5 1 week 3 days
Is the Shard a Success: Part 2Two weeks ago I began my valuation of the Shard which I am printing in tandem with my blog. In Part 1 we had a look at the value of the viewing platform which came out at £324m! What about the residences? As we mentioned in part 1, 10 flats will be set over 12 floors and the average square... 2 3 years 5 months
Mgmt Consultancy Interview - need a good tieMorning all, I am interviewing at a one of the top 3 mgmt consultancy firms and I have put all my ties in storage (flat is being renovated). First is going to be this Wednesday so internet won't cut it, I need an outlet that is somewhere in London. The suit I am wearing is more or less this one... 3 years 5 months
Technology has made us all lazyI am sick to death of it. Every month, the same thirty figures, Bloomberg canvasses the opinions of 30 or so 'high quality analysts' to come up with a consensus estimate - next it gives us a lovely little table to follow. We sit there, slaves to figures that don't mean that much apart from a... 5 3 years 5 months
Car Crash InterviewsSo I work at a derivatives house. It's a solid company, 150 employees and we start all juniors on a trainee trader program. Boring crap aside, we do a slightly off the wall 1st round where we take in 30 people at a time, split them into three groups and run a mock trading session, a group... 12 3 years 5 months
Valuing the ShardMy first post here and I thought I would share my thoughts on the Shard (Europes tallest building) As I walk past London Bridge, an until recently overlooked part of England’s capital, one thing clouds my vision. The Shard. Piercing the sky above and with its 1,000ft height, the shard is... 4 3 years 5 months


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Thanks for the monkey shlt OP. Do you sell some...Thanks for the monkey shlt OP. Do you sell some at 300 hours so I can throw some back? 6 2 years 4 months
Three things every CFA candidate should do before...Three things every CFA candidate should do before the year is out. 1) Use the 300 hours website more 2) Use the 300 hours website more 3) Buy things from the 300 hours website or buy things from Amazon and pay 300 hours through their affiliate scheme. Thanks for the great advice 6 2 years 4 months
I am no expert on Tesla and believe a short is...I am no expert on Tesla and believe a short is probably the no-brainer at these levels (never look at non European stocks) but isn't this statement stretching the facts a little too far? "Tesla also quietly lowered their guidance and tipped us on weak North American demand when CEO Elon Musk... 72 2 years 11 months
hey, looking good - that revenue line makes me...hey, looking good - that revenue line makes me wonder why you are even bothering to look for a job, you seem to want to go the entrpreneurial route, seems like you are well on your way. Re independent investor. Can that, everyone in finance and half the world are independent investors. 14 2 years 12 months
Don't think they are a value trap - you are...Don't think they are a value trap - you are comparing apples with pears. GLD US purchase gold bullion, gold miners, surprisingly, mine it. Therefore the cash cost of their gold has nothing to do with the market price but rather the accessibility, quality etc of the mine itself. Gold miners are... 5 3 years 1 day
Was similar to you in that I wanted to be a...Was similar to you in that I wanted to be a trader out of college. Realised when I got the job that there is zero exit opportunities on top of the fact that trading is a dying biz. Have heard physical commods trading is noway near as profitable as it used to be but this business still remains the... 3 3 years 3 days
Ashton Kutcher is playing Jobs, looks like Jobs,...Ashton Kutcher is playing Jobs, looks like Jobs, invests in high tech PA like Jobs. Kutcher for CEO! Justsayin! 23 3 years 3 days
Come on guys, bagger = bag of sand= grand = 1,000...Come on guys, bagger = bag of sand= grand = 1,000 Where does it come from? Bag of sand = grand (ye olde english) While we are on topic, Yard = Billion also from the English, Miliard. Finally Monkey = 500 as I believe the 500 rupee note had a picture of a monkey on it 18 3 years 1 week
couchy amazed you can see fundamental analysis as...couchy amazed you can see fundamental analysis as poor as technicals, can you send me the study link. Furthermore, a lot of ER is adjusting WACC's to be on the right side of your corporate access and it's really the buy side or untainted research that would be of most value 15 3 years 1 week
Well congrats bro, you have really made some...Well congrats bro, you have really made some serious improvements there - now we are looking at a proper resume but there is still some way to go... Coin Doctoring - had no clue about what this was. Googled it and read that it is more or less forgery to make coins look older than they are. I... 14 3 years 1 week
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