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Boeing-NASA System Integration or Accenture...Hi there, It's time for me to make some tough decision for my career. I have gotten a job with Boeing as a System Integration Engineer to work on the NASA space station project. Also, I made it to the 3rd round interview for Accenture entry-level consulting analyst position (either IT or... 15 3 years 5 months


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@abacab, your point about Northrop is exactly...@abacab, your point about Northrop is exactly what I have sensed so far at Boeing. At Boeing, I would say among people who decide to pursue an MBA, 70% would choose to go to a part time program at a local school (UW) or an online program (Phoenix, my direct supervisor in this case). The other 20%... 15 3 years 5 months
Thanks Andres for your comment. About brand...Thanks Andres for your comment. About brand perception, it is clear that the Boeing job far exceeds the Accenture management consulting position. However, I am still hesitant because those people at Boeing are very engineering-focused, not as much business-minded as I am. So far I have seen that... 15 3 years 5 months
@RiskyBizness, as you may sense, there is...@RiskyBizness, as you may sense, there is absolutely an X factor in the Boeing job that is unmatched by Accenture's. What I am considering is that Accenture would get me to experience some sort of management in my first 2yrs while Boeing is more about hardcore engineering. I spoke to some senior... 15 3 years 5 months
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