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Working with equity placement agents/capital...Previously we were raising money through our private client list, but lately we been approached by several placement agents that like our portfolio and acquisition criteria. I know typically fees vary anywhere from 5%-7%. How are the fees structured? Some of them are asking for an upfront retention... 5 months 18 hours
How much do CRE brokers lie? Currently been bidding on this retail strip center and I truly skeptical of what the broker is saying about other bids. He works for one of the big brokerages. Anyways I know there are brokers on this board or former brokers, how often did you provide "misleading" information to increase bidding... 7 months 4 days
Real Estate Appraisal Question?This is a simple question for the lenders/appraisers currently here. Currently looking at cashing out on one of our properties, but want to gauge the value of the property. Our current bank that we have a strong relationship with is most likely going to finance this. However, if we order the... 7 months 3 weeks
Max LTV from lenders?Currently looking at buying a property that is coming into my market for my family. Looking to do a cash out refi on one and then use that capital to buy the other. Was doing the calculations and need about an 85% LTV, which I know sounds ridiculous, but I am being told that since we are still... 8 months 1 day
Land Development Questions?So in the area near where I live there is prime area that's for sale on the market. The total price we are looking at is $250k, which is actually very good for 2 acres. The deal is off-market, which allows us to get a really good price and we have known the seller for 15 years. Now this is a... 9 months 5 days
Have you ever been fired or laid off?Was in the middle of cleaning filing cabinets at home and saw an old termination letter from one of my first jobs. Though it was several years ago, I can still remember it like yesterday. A new boss came in, who was an incredibly terrible person, and only focused on cost cutting. She had no clue... 10 months 1 week
Make a wish foundation gets kid an internship at... Let's see how many idiots start claiming they have cancer now. 11 months 1 week
95/5 Equity Structure QuestionCurrently working on a deal where the sponsor is putting in 5% of the required equity. The 95% is coming from a pension fund. The sponsor has listed an acquisition fee in the loan amount. The package states that the sponsor will consider the fee to be used as the 5% equity portion. Is this... 1 year 1 month
When is the market going to shift to a buyers...I wanted to start a healthy debate on the future of CRE prices going forward. Let's be honest, prices are overheating, especially in top markets like NYC, SF, DC. I been seeing cap rates for trophy assets under 5%. some even under 3%. The only cap rates at 9% or 10% are some serious risky... 1 year 2 months
Crazy Resume, Intern Has 20:15 visionNot sure if this has been posted. Anyone see the new resume of an intern speaking about his qualifications. This was posted on Dealbreaker. I... 1 year 3 months


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Raising Real Estate CapitalAlso if you want investors to get behind you, the loan has got to have a better rate than 9%. This isn't a single family rehab and flip. Its a 40 unit MF building that you should be able to get much better terms on. Just the loan terms allow will put a sour taste in an investor's mouth. 3 weeks 2 days
Non-compete for RE Dev Associate?As everyone else has mentioned, this is ridiculous. I wouldn't sign. The only non-competes you should be signing at that position is one that restricts you from taking client/investor information. Even CEOs of Fortune 500s have non-competes, and in their cases I think they are only like a year or... 1 month 3 days
REIT or Start UP REPE? Which would you choose?[quote=Ricky Rosay]prospie wrote:fez says nothing that I can disagree with, but if it were me, I'd think hard about the new office, as I just personally get a kick out of things like that. So many variables, though: - do the people seem more fun at one place than the other - what is the... 2 months 3 weeks
LASIK surgery? Thoughts?Had it done just last year. Completely worth it, but do a ton of diligence before you consider it. First of all, your prescription needs to stabilize. Mine stabilized for about 2 years before I did it. So your world off from doing it. The fact that yours keeps increasing means you are not even... 3 months 4 weeks
Tenant Rep vs. Investment SalesI never said refund any money. However, if you gave a single firm a ton of business and that broker has stuck with them, they should work with you on their fees. We had this happen only a handful of times and maybe our situation is different because the tenant rep has known us for a long time. 4 months 5 days
Tenant Rep vs. Investment SalesYes, I can confirm this too, landlords have pretty much always foot the bill. Hence the leasing commissions. Although DCD, I rarely hearing them keeping the whole piece if a tenant defaults through, they will work with you on getting it re-leased for a fraction of the cost or nearly free of charge... 4 months 6 days
Tenant Rep vs. Investment SalesIt really depends. Also very dependent on market and you could be too dependent on that region's economy. However, the nice thing is that you guy get a piece or should get a piece every time a tenant renews its lease. For investment sales, right now is the best time to be in this business. Its... 4 months 1 week
Cushman SelloffThose guys won't pay 10x EBITDA. I honestly don't see why the current owners care who the buyer is. If anything, the most competitive bidder will be another top brokerage firm. I wouldn't be surprised with CBRE and JLL going into a bidding war if they allowed other brokers to buy. Not too... 4 months 1 week
Upcoming Films for 2015I'm a big horror fan. Excited for Insidious 3. 4 months 1 week
Poll Review: August 2006 to February 2015 - Where...One that isn't on the either poll is "Creating a startup". I know you could say its similar to starting your own business, but people can interpret it different ways and might not consider that a startup. I am sure the responses for that answer would have seen significant changes. 4 months 2 weeks