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How to book downpayment on balance sheet?Ok I need help from the accountants out there. We just bought a $31,000,000 multifamily building. Our equity portion (downpayment) for it was $7,100,000. How do we book the $7.1 million on our balance sheet? 2 1 month 2 weeks
Why don't I see more firms investing in...You would think Hawaii would be on the list of places to invest for many firms and funds, but you really don't see any concentration. I would imagine Honolulu is a pretty strong CRE market. Thoughts? 6 7 months 4 weeks
When will the 80% LTV days come?We used to have a pretty good lending relationship that was funding 80% LTV for retail and hotel properties provided of course that the debt service coverage was very strong. However, once the recession hit, this changed pretty fast. Nowadays I am only slowly starting to hear about 80% LTV, but... 35 9 months 1 week
Any build to suit developers here? It's a space I am increasingly fond of lately and wanted to get an idea of profitability here. For example, I own a pretty good piece of land. On one side there is a Wendy's on the other is a McDonald's, so the location is pretty good for another restaurant chain. I am just trying to understand the... 15 9 months 2 weeks
Working with equity placement agents/capital...Previously we were raising money through our private client list, but lately we been approached by several placement agents that like our portfolio and acquisition criteria. I know typically fees vary anywhere from 5%-7%. How are the fees structured? Some of them are asking for an upfront retention... 13 1 year 3 months
How much do CRE brokers lie? Currently been bidding on this retail strip center and I truly skeptical of what the broker is saying about other bids. He works for one of the big brokerages. Anyways I know there are brokers on this board or former brokers, how often did you provide "misleading" information to increase bidding... 11 1 year 5 months
Real Estate Appraisal Question?This is a simple question for the lenders/appraisers currently here. Currently looking at cashing out on one of our properties, but want to gauge the value of the property. Our current bank that we have a strong relationship with is most likely going to finance this. However, if we order the... 5 1 year 5 months
Max LTV from lenders?Currently looking at buying a property that is coming into my market for my family. Looking to do a cash out refi on one and then use that capital to buy the other. Was doing the calculations and need about an 85% LTV, which I know sounds ridiculous, but I am being told that since we are still... 28 1 year 6 months
Land Development Questions?So in the area near where I live there is prime area that's for sale on the market. The total price we are looking at is $250k, which is actually very good for 2 acres. The deal is off-market, which allows us to get a really good price and we have known the seller for 15 years. Now this is a... 14 1 year 7 months
Have you ever been fired or laid off?Was in the middle of cleaning filing cabinets at home and saw an old termination letter from one of my first jobs. Though it was several years ago, I can still remember it like yesterday. A new boss came in, who was an incredibly terrible person, and only focused on cost cutting. She had no clue... 25 1 year 8 months


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I worked in Houston for a few years for a CRE...I worked in Houston for a few years for a CRE investment firm. I can tell you that Class A MF is still fine because even though occupancy has dropped, the rates are still in low 90 area. I really only saw a couple with occupancies in the 89% range. There was a ton of incoming supply that the market... 20 1 week 9 hours
My thoughts. We are near the end of an up cycle,...My thoughts. We are near the end of an up cycle, but we are nowhere near a downturn. If you look at lenders, they are still ultra conservative on underwriting. Developments and acquisitions are stressed to show what would happen in worst case scenarios. LTV is still low compared to levels prior to... 19 2 months 3 weeks
Virginia Tech 4ever: If you have finite money...[quote="Virginia Tech 4ever"]If you have finite money and you have to choose between a project that is throwing off a 15% IRR and one that is throwing off a 12% IRR then, in theory, you would move forward with the project with the highest IRR.[/quote] Assuming risk is the same of course. 7 3 months 12 hours
These people saying that airbnb has impacted the...These people saying that airbnb has impacted the hotel industry know nothing. First of all, RevPar, the biggest financial metric used in the hotel industry is at record highs. The hotel industry is far from hurting. Second, the clientele that airbnb caters to have rarely ever paid a $150 a night to... 8 5 months 1 week
I completely ignore broker proformas. Most of...I completely ignore broker proformas. Most of them are hilarious. I only read them to get a good laugh. I also generally ignore anything market related. The reason is that if you are buying a property in a certain market, you should know about that market and dont need a broker explaining it to you... 4 5 months 3 weeks
I hear Chairman is a nutjob. He has regular...I hear Chairman is a nutjob. He has regular Sunday meetings and you better be there. Other than that, I know they got good deal flow for debt and equity. 5 6 months 3 weeks
The mentality I am seeing now is that a rise in...The mentality I am seeing now is that a rise in interest rates won't affect CRE prices. People keep telling me to look at history and they say 5 out of 7 rate hikes, CRE prices kept climbing. However, in my opinion, I do think its different this time because rates are literally so freaken low now... 56 6 months 3 weeks
Most of the guys here are from schools up in the...Most of the guys here are from schools up in the Northeast or Mid-atlantic. I rarely seen in-state guys here, maybe some UTs and TCUs scattered around somewhere. Most of the top banks recruit nationally, and they never limit themselves to instate. I know my bank's new analyst coming in this summer... 670 6 months 3 weeks
As the person above said, buy underperforming...As the person above said, buy underperforming retail centers, renovate, push occupancy and flip. I would apply the same to hotels. Buy properties with low end flags, renovate, put an awesome brand to get access to significant base of guests, grow revenue, and flip. 26 7 months 2 weeks
Then the LTV is lower. If the price is greater...Then the LTV is lower. If the price is greater than amortizing principal over the lease period, the underwriters will only underwrite to a LTV that would allow for a fully amortizing co-terminus loan. 15 7 months 4 weeks
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