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Noah's Ark Junk Bonds So I was reading the September Popular Science earlier, the cover story is about a debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham. I hope that Mr. Nye does not need any intro but I myself was unaware of this Ham fellow prior to reading the article. For those like me, he is the founder of Answers in Genesis, a... 17 1 year 8 months
Quick (hopefully) Excel question.WSO lend me your excel genius! (Ace Ventura anyone?) Ok so I am trying to create a formula that will rank data in an array and then spit out a value dependent on how well a company did relative to its peers. For example say you have ten companies and want to rank them based on yield. The highest... 6 2 years 5 months
Great Interview Questions to Reveal Quality...Afternoon everyone, I have been given the go ahead to hire an intern at the HF I work for. This will be my first time on the hiring side of the process so I wanted to reach out to the community and generally ask those of you who have interviewed prospective interns what tactics, questions,... 28 2 years 6 months
deletedelete 8 2 years 7 months
Anyone have experience with the process of...I have an ETF strategy I would like to patent while I obtain the capital/relationships to have it seeded to the market. Has anyone out there on WSO done something similar or know any detail about the process? Thank you in advance. 5 2 years 9 months
Brooks Automation, (BRKS) GOP/R= 1.21 P/CF=13.1 P/E= 4.8 CR= 4.05 Net Profit Margin= 25.05% Yield= 3.52% Source: T1 Builds machines that carry out automated manufacturing. Highly levered to cyclicality of semi manufacturing industry but has made several acquisitions since 2011 to enter/expand into the life... 3 years 2 weeks
American Airlines Grounds All FlightsSketchy news coming out of the airlines today with a flight being evacuated earlier today and now AA grounding all flights due to "problems with their reservation system". Do we believe it, not sure I do... 2 3 years 2 weeks
Most obscure animal firm name GOExamples I have thought of while writing this: Sloth Securities Platypus Partners Toucan Trust (Not bad?) Lets see who can come up with the best (worst?) one. 21 3 years 2 months
Harvard/Stanford/WhartonHere is a little convo I had earlier with a buddy of mine about LT plans and tertiary education. Anyone in the upper levels of HF or IB care to share their opinion. I would appreciate it. Me: My LT plans have shifted as of late. I plan on getting all my certifications here, getting a MSF then... 5 3 years 2 months
Distressed Debt Interview QuestionsHello all, new monkey on the block searching for some advice. I have a super day on my calendar for a distressed debt investment firm and I was hoping some of you on this site might be able to provide some typical interview questions. I have a standard guide for the Ibanking technical... 2 3 years 5 months


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Wow monkey shit, been a while. Yes I am fairly...Wow monkey shit, been a while. Yes I am fairly scatter brain on here all the time, see my sig. I leave work with every intention of "leaving work at the door" but inevitably work re-enters my brain when met with the boredom of being at home without the willingness to go out. I made the comment... 26 2 months 1 week
Lol all I thought of was how I pace around my...Lol all I thought of was how I pace around my condo thinking about my book for at least an hour everyday after I get home. 26 2 months 1 week
I'd probably let the interviewer know that I am...I'd probably let the interviewer know that I am indeed aware of the mistake, but in all likelihood not send it back. Maybe that makes me timid (lol) but in business and in breakfast, you can't sweat the small stuff. 13 2 months 1 week
Regardless of resume pedigree, prior experience...Regardless of resume pedigree, prior experience included, I generally assume that new analyst hires don't know anything. Better for both parties. I will say this though, memorizing that guide may have gotten you in the door but it sounds to me like what you created is a facade of understanding that... 22 2 months 2 weeks
One time in a state of minimal sleep I left a...One time in a state of minimal sleep I left a very important sentence in a sellside research report on company A, in a modified research note on company B (replacing paragraphs to maintain formatting) and then sent it out to 1000+ people. Emails basically asking wtf poured in for hours, almost got... 75 1 year 5 months
Pitcher served that hanging off speed pitch on a...Pitcher served that hanging off speed pitch on a platter, wonder if it was out of respect. I only was able to catch the end of the game, were they pitching to him all night? Pitching analysis please... 14 1 year 7 months
Here is the original article http://www.popsci....Here is the original article Pretty sad that almost half the US population thinks that humans came about via some process other than evolution... Great quote when Bill was asked what would change his mind, "We would need just one piece of... 17 1 year 8 months
"Yea we are long ark bonds" "Oh ok airline surety..."Yea we are long ark bonds" "Oh ok airline surety interesting" "No, boats. Well a boat, actually an ark and its really more of a amusement park....fuark" 17 1 year 8 months
Hmm, the end of the article says that after the...Hmm, the end of the article says that after the debate Ham announced that he had raised the 62M to break ground, well have to see. 17 1 year 8 months
Hahah just fucking lost it LOLHahah just fucking lost it LOL 17 1 year 8 months
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