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How is Wells Fargo doing?Speculation? Who will it acquire? Who will acquire it? What is its relative strength compared w/competitors? Thanks for your input! 6 years 11 months
Hearing back after 1st roundsUp to how long do banks wait before telling the candidates if they made it or not to Super Day? In particular, any news on Goldman IM? 6 years 11 months
What banks are still recruiting for FT and for...Anyone know? I've heard that the following aren't: - DB - JP - MS - UBS Any others? 6 years 11 months
Bear StearnsIs Risk Mgmt considered front office? What do you do? 7 years 6 months
DCM exit oppsAnyone who's been through it or working in it now have any insight? 7 years 6 months
SA pay based on how much they want youdo you think it could be possible that IB's consider offering their top SA picks slightly different salaries depending on how bad they want them? this is not a question of negotiation, but rather the possibility of HR offering people different rates to begin with. 7 years 6 months
How is Barclays IBD compared to other firms?Would love to see what people think/know. How far behind the BB is it, if at all? Thanks! 7 years 6 months
Public FinancePublic Finance provides financing solutions to state/local gov'tal and non-profit clients, primarily through tax-exempt bond underwriting. ---- Great, so that's all fine and dandy, but can someone explain in lehman's terms the similarities and differences b/t public finance and IBD/S... 7 years 6 months


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wells has a structured product group already----...wells has a structured product group already----probably going to merge and then work out the kinks (aka layoff overlaps) 6 years 10 months
how are the canadian banks faring in this are the canadian banks faring in this mix like rbc and bmo? 6 years 11 months
do HR from diff banks talk to each other? do HR from diff banks talk to each other? 6 years 11 months
sorry, what's m7? sorry, what's m7? 6 years 11 months
Excelster: If you are really having trouble...[quote=Excelster]If you are really having trouble deciding between one or the other then you probably shouldn't do either. Bankers and consultants are a very different breed and lead very different lives. To do either well, you have to be 100% sure that is what you want to do. If not you will... 6 years 11 months
internal memos can say whatever they want... they...internal memos can say whatever they want... they still split into 3 separate divisions, right? didn't they say the weren't going to do that too? mgmt will do whatever the hell they want w/o having to explain to anyone 6 years 11 months
[quote=peanutbutterjelly]a lot of banks are just...[quote=peanutbutterjelly]a lot of banks are just showing up for formality. keeping good relations with the school and career center. at the end of the day, they will probably hire no one. that's fucking depressing---i'd almost rather them not come at all if they're definitely not going to be... 6 years 11 months
people are worried about getting jobs, and you're...people are worried about getting jobs, and you're concerned about signing bonuses? lol 6 years 11 months
how long before this happens? how long before this happens? 6 years 11 months
ubs ib is extremely uncertain right now ubs ib is extremely uncertain right now 6 years 11 months