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How NOT to Email a RecruiterWisconsin University student "reminds the recruiter about a zit he had when they met and reveals his fears about how a high-pressure job may affect his love life." - Business Insider You may or may not have already received this email this week, or perhaps read it on Business Insider or BroBible... 30 2 years 6 months
21 Ways Rich People Think DifferentlyWell, after I saw the disgrace of advice "Break These 7 Rules and Forget About Being Rich" was, I decided to make a compilation of Steve Siebolds work for WSO. Enjoy: (If you like it throw me an SB!) Steve Siebold, author of “How Rich People Think,” spent nearly three decades interviewing... 14 2 years 11 months
VC's - Consult MeI have a few questions about my business files/filings and dealings that I need a VC specializing in digital media, digital distribution, (social media?), and/or related sectors to consult me on. Just message me here, identify your firm, speciality, (and yourself if possible) so I know you're... 3 2 years 11 months
Google Integrates Wallet Into GmailYou can now send money as an attachment. The whole Google I/O event wrapped up today and left us some nifty little tidbits. [quote]In the coming weeks and months, a dollar sign will start popping in Gmail accounts of people who already use Google Wallet, and a quick click lets users define the... 7 2 years 11 months
How Has WSO Affected Your Life?While dabbling around the "How many people on WSO actually Make It" post: I started thinking, in my mere 22 weeks of lurking and posting here I gained at least 9 solid and VALUABLE connections along with 2 very... 36 2 years 11 months
Starting a ("free") Private UniversityDisclaimer: We are not serious. This is just a fun complicated thought Well, not exactly. I was speaking to a few prominent business friends and we planned out this layout for a "freemium" Private University, tell me what you think though. I WANT YOUR OPINIONS The University and Academy... 12 2 years 11 months
Fraternity Life in FinanceWell. It's that time again. Time to talk about college. I was hoping to post this up Friday night when half of you are drunk and will shoot off some good responses, but your sober selves will do. This is a much needed discussion topic that I've yet to find so we're talking about Ivy finance... 39 2 years 12 months
For the Quants: QuantopianThought it's time to show some Quant love around here, I got forwarded this little resource here, and decided to present back over here in WSO. Anyway, is a community algorithmic trading platform for your browser for all you in Quantitive finance to utilize, I quote from their... 11 3 years 2 days
Your Legacy and Project KEOThis post isn't at all finance related, just something I'd like to share with my fellow monkeys on the site. Right now, a low key space project is going on called KEO. KEO is a small passive satellite planned to be launched in 2014 and orbit 1,800 km above the Earth, isolated for 50,000 years in... 3 years 1 week
Excel: Tools, Add-Ins, and MacrosIncluded here is the start of a much needed compilation of Excel add-ins, macros, and tools. For the one person who'll read this, please add your most frequented excel shortcuts, and own collection/links of Excel Add-Ins/Macros/Tools in the comments down below. That way when any new WSO users... 45 3 years 1 week


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First off, the amount of people who become...First off, the amount of people who become firemen, policemen, and etc. because it's what they love are few and far inbetweeen, I can tell you about numerous HS dropouts who found their way to those respectable professions because it's the only thing they COULD do. Even if someone KIND of enjoyed... 14 2 years 11 months
Before an earnings call, you'll see the stock...Before an earnings call, you'll see the stock price jump. This isn't purely due to numbers, because the "earnings" haven't been released yet. The stock price jumps before the earnings call because of anticipation and emotion. This is an example of markets being driven by emotion. There is no way... 14 2 years 11 months
Steve Siebold didn't mean it in the Scrooge "...Steve Siebold didn't mean it in the Scrooge "hehehe, my money is all mine" type of selfishness, but rather he was emphasizing not being obvious with wealth. Ex. Lottery Winner = Gold Plated Lamborghini Someone Who Knows How To Handle Money = Black Aston Martin [quote=Cruncharoo]"Average... 14 2 years 11 months
Goldman Stanley: LOL ? Is something funny?[quote=Goldman Stanley]LOL[/quote] ? Is something funny? 3 2 years 11 months
I watched the video. Doesn't have the drive or...I watched the video. Doesn't have the drive or talent of any of the big names in their starting days. Look at Big Sean, started in Detroit, went to a school heavily focused in language development, went to a private school while living in the slums, and won constant cyphers that won him radio time... 23 2 years 11 months
I'm speaking on terms of Google Wallet. It hasn't...I'm speaking on terms of Google Wallet. It hasn't gained traction, but this update and expansion initiative changes that. [quote=Babyj18777]"Google has flopped and come back to clean up their mess."Quite possibly the single most ridiculous sentence ever posted on this forum. Google is the most... 7 2 years 11 months
Mmm, brown nose enough to cover it up mate.Mmm, brown nose enough to cover it up mate. 1 2 years 11 months
Bitcoin honestly won't be missed, not with...Bitcoin honestly won't be missed, not with companies like Amazon releasing their own system-wide coins and all. Bitcoin is like that teenager with a stick with a red doo-rag bag full of cheetos tied to the end of it, deciding to "fight the system" and run away from home. But ho-ho-ho, he's back... 26 2 years 11 months
Honestly man, you can't learn entrepreneurship in...Honestly man, you can't learn entrepreneurship in a class. They just repeat age-old knowledge you can learn online and actual startup practice. Convertible Notes, VC Funding, Laws pertaining to certain fields, stock agreements, shareholder agreements, all that stuff takes a quick google search... 4 2 years 11 months
Solid post. Write one about how to be a good...Solid post. Write one about how to be a good minion! 32 2 years 11 months
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