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Why does a debt write down decrease cash?Hi, I get what it looks like on the 3 Statments: IS: Debt Wite Down (new item appears – under Operating income) + 100 --> Net Income +60 --> CF: Debt Write Down (new Item appears under Operating Activities) -100 --> CF from operation +60 (Net Income) -100 = -40 --> Change in Cash -40 --> BS... 4 2 years 5 months
Bringing your parents to a job interview? - 8% of...Hi just wanted to share an interesting article from the wsj, stating that 8% of college students bring their parents to a job interview. "A 2012 survey of more than 500 college graduates by Adecco, a human-resources organization, found that 8% of them had a parent accompany them to a job... 8 2 years 7 months
How to prepare for an IBD internship?Hi, Starting in early 2014, I will be doing an Internship at an Elite Boutique in Europe. I want to get the most out of my 3 months. What can I do beforehand to really shine during the internship? What resources should I study? I have most of the basics down and during my last... 3 2 years 7 months
poison pill workaround?Hi, I got a question regarding a take over defense called the poison pill (or formally shareholder right plan). A poison pill allows the existing shareholders to buy new shares at a deep discount an the event if a take over and depending on the state and country needs only board approval or... 14 2 years 8 months
Treasury Stock Method - # of options in the moneyHi, I have a question regarding the Treasury Stock Method. The TSM is used to find the diluted # of shares. The number of shares in the money are subtracted by the amount of shares the company can buy back with the proceeds the company will get from the exercising of the options (assumption... 4 2 years 8 months
Change in NWC in Terminal ValueHi, I was wondering how (or if) the change in NWC effects the Terminal Value. I understand that in a DCF NWC has a slightly different definition (does not include Cash and short term debt). When calculating TV I dont include D... 18 2 years 8 months
Manipulate WACC?Hi, I was wondering if a firm can change its WAAC by restructuring its debt, so that it is mostly short run - eventually reducing YtM (reduction of risk)? I guess you cannot just restructure debt like that because it matches an assets cash flow and if the cash flow increases so that you could... 7 2 years 8 months
Why FV = Market Cap + Interest Bearing Debt -...Hi, Got a small question: Why is it that FV = Market Cap + Interest Bearing Debt - Cash and not FV = Market Cap + Interest Bearing Debt + Long Term Liabilities + Current Liabilities - Cash - Other Current Assets After all, the second formula would account for all the Liabilities -... 5 3 years 2 months
Wearing Signet rings as Intern!Hi, can I wear my signet rings for my Internship at an BB (Europe). I have been wearing for more then 10 years and it reminds me of my family, our values etc. But I wanted to know if wearing a signet rings woud sent the wrong signals (and what they are)? Thanks 10 3 years 3 months
Forest Hills Capital Management ????Hi, anyone ever heard of Forest Hills Capital Management???? Thanks 6 3 years 3 months


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I dont think so. First its from the WSJ - which...I dont think so. First its from the WSJ - which does tend to do its research when it comes to publishing surveys Second, in the light of the 3% who sit in, 8% would make sense. Third, 8% would be to low. But granted dont trust stats that you didn't falsify yourself... 8 2 years 7 months
Kanon: BIWS is great - highly recommended. But...[quote=Kanon]BIWS is great - highly recommended. But if you don't have the money to spend, try Macabacus ( for some free materials that are quite stellar. Get an idea essentially of how models work and why things are done. For telecom, consider trying to get some research... 3 2 years 7 months
thewaterpiper: The opposite - the whole point...[quote=thewaterpiper]The opposite - the whole point is that every shareholder except the bidder gets to buy shares at a discount. e.g. let's say the bidder spent 100m acquiring a 20% stake before the poison pill got triggered, and they can't subscribe to a right issue and thus get diluted down to 5... 14 2 years 8 months
thewaterpiper: You do realise that in your...[quote=thewaterpiper]You do realise that in your scenario, the buyer is now offering EUR 60 for twice as many shares, i.e. EUR 120 on the original share count. If shareholders want to accept an offer, there is nothing that anyone can do about it. What a poison pill does is make that offer more... 14 2 years 8 months
GoIllini: Why would the existing shareholders...[quote=GoIllini]Why would the existing shareholders sell at such a steep discount to the market price? The idea behind the poison pill is that the existing shareholders can keep a hostile takeover at bay by controlling x % of the company by buying more discounted shares. It wouldn't make sense for... 14 2 years 8 months
I obviously meant to write number of options ITM...I obviously meant to write number of options ITM - sorry about that! I asked because in the textbook I read, it did not clarify who the underwriter is - just wanted to make sure I understood the concept. Thanks guys 4 2 years 8 months
valuationGURU: The change in future revenue...[quote=valuationGURU]The change in future revenue would require a change in net working capital. You aren't projecting flat revenue going forward.[/quote] Thanks for your answer! But I just cannot wrap my head around it. You are saying because I have positive growth in the future I need to... 18 2 years 8 months
peinvestor2012: N96k2q2NVy: That's not true,...[quote=peinvestor2012]N96k2q2NVy:That's not true, TV using the Gordon does not include D&A and Capex (or they zero out) and my question is why it includes change in NWC.Thanks,ChrisYou are doing it wrong then.Year N's UFCF*(1+g)/(r-g)The last year's UFCF already accounts for the changes in... 18 2 years 8 months
peinvestor2012: N96k2q2NVy: valuationGURU:...[quote=peinvestor2012]N96k2q2NVy:valuationGURU:You will still need additions to net working capital in the terminal year, so it should be included (or removed) in the calculation of cash flow in the terminal year. You are right, D&A and capital expenditures will zero out, or capex will be... 18 2 years 8 months
.. 18 2 years 8 months
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