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How to find where a company's cash and ST...Where can I find out where a company holds its cash and short-term investments? I'm looking to find this information on a company I'm looking at, and it's not clear to me from its 10-K's or 10-Q's. Am I looking in the wrong place? Or could it be elsewhere? For example, even if a company says it... 1 3 years 6 months
Decent deal on a Tag Heuer FA Chronograph today...From time to time, people post here asking about a good, professional-looking watch for a good price. In case anyone's still looking, I just wanted to give you guys a heads up. This is ChronoShark's "deal of the day" -- Tag Heuer Formula 1 black dial 200m men's watch for $449. http://www.... 6 years 11 months
Where to find annual population state since 1990? Hi all, Anyone know where I can find a simple database or spreadsheet that provides us with annual population data by state since 1990? I recognize that some of this data is available on the Census website, but I haven't been able to find annual data going back to 1990. It's possible that there... 6 6 years 11 months
Asset vs. Stock Purchases?Hi all - can any of you please recommend some good reading material on the web that discusses asset vs. stock purchases? Anything would be helpful, particularly those that delve into the topic of taxation, as well as discussions about considerations of public-to-private transactions. Many thanks... 1 7 years 3 months
Any layoffs in private equity?"What's that? Uh...layoffs?! Don't talk about -- layoffs? You kidding me? Layoffs? I just hope we can win a game!" -Coach Mora I was curious as to whether you guys heard anything, either truth or speculation, about potential layoffs in private equity. In my case, I work at a large middle-... 17 7 years 4 months
Top 20 healthcare-focused private equity funds?Hi all -- I have a time sensitive project here and was wondering if any of you guys could help me out. I am looking to identify the top 20 healthcare-focused private equity funds based on a variety of metrics, including fund size, returns, number of deals done, and so forth. However, I am having... 1 7 years 5 months
Can someone please help me find data on...Hi all, I am working on a time-sensitive project and was hoping you guys could help me. I am looking for data on private commercial (non-residential) construction spending. Specifically, I would like to find out how much is being spent on retail construction projects on either a monthly or... 7 years 9 months
How do you track housing inventory levels?Hi all - how are housing inventory levels tracked? Is this data readily available from the Census, NAR, etc.? If not, is there an easy way to calculate it from publicly available data? I am looking for information on inventory units as well as the average number of months for existing inventory to... 2 8 years 1 day
Anyone familiar with Colony Capital?Hi all, anyone here familiar with Colony Capital? Just wondering - one of my friends is curious about their reputation, work/life balance, etc. but I don't really know naything about this firm besides what's on the website. Any opinions you guys could offer would be great. Thanks. 11 8 years 1 week
Data & analysts for homebuilding and...Hi all, I'm trying to get a good overview on real estate market, particularly in the homebiulding and remodeling segments. Can anyone recommend any research analysts or banks that do a good job covering this space, and what some of the firms under their coverage are? Any advice would be appreciated... 3 8 years 3 weeks


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I think the best bang for your buck in the low-...I think the best bang for your buck in the low- to mid-hundreds range is Seiko. I'm talking in terms of functionality, appearance, mechanics, etc. -- hard to go wrong. Check out and you'll see that quite a few others will recommend the same. 128 2 months 2 weeks
They're fine watches, but you could get more "...They're fine watches, but you could get more "bang for your buck" if you look into some vintage luxury brands, like Omega and Longines -- you can find some vintage models in good working condition in the mid- to high-hundreds. Check out eBay or 300 6 months 4 days
I would hire someone if they can live and breathe...I would hire someone if they can live and breathe investing, and if they have a similar investment sensibility as I do. I want to hire people are intellectually curious, have some type of process for generating and reseaching ideas, and can think creatively about how to analyze businesses and how... 10 2 years 6 months
If you can get a good buy-side job, take it. If...If you can get a good buy-side job, take it. If your motivation is to learn how to invest, that's where you need to be. Equity research tends to focus a lot more on managing relationships between banks/funds/management teams of companies they cover (i.e. providing "corporate access"), providing... 5 2 years 6 months
Great posts by valueisoverrated and grosse. I'll...Great posts by valueisoverrated and grosse. I'll also add that I'm curious as to what this fund's asset base looks like from Day One. If it is launching with $400 million then that's a fantastic start, and given that there are only a handful of funds in the world that do this every year these days... 16 2 years 8 months
Regarding your first question - I'd seen that...Regarding your first question – I’d seen that passage before (it is a foreward by Prof. Lawrence Cunningham at GWU Law School, see here and also found it hard to read. Basically what he’s saying is that the CEO’s performance... 3 2 years 8 months
you should check out if should check out if you have questions about the CFA 208 2 years 9 months
I personally think that W is a long-shot too, but...I personally think that W is a long-shot too, but that shouldn't discourage him from applying. As you suggested, however, he'll need 2+ years of experience to show some real career trajectory and a story with "substance"; otherwise he'll be graded based on what he's doing right now (i.e. broker... 144 3 years 1 month
I don't know that you can "leverage" a GMAT score...I don't know that you can "leverage" a GMAT score or GPA, but maybe I misunderstand your word choice. At this point, if you're looking to switch jobs, what matters most is your network. Now, if your question is about how good your GMAT score is, I would say it's very good and you needn't worry... 144 3 years 1 month
.. 1 3 years 6 months
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