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Centerview LAany info? I know they have century city office but is it a good office? I've never heard anything about it until my VP brought them up in passing. (deals? group? size?) thanks 1 2 years 8 months
LULUMEON TanksSo im sure many of you saw LULU dropped over 17% this trading session with news of the departure of their CEO. People think that LULU might be in serious trouble w/the loss of the CEO like when Apple lost jobs (source- Any thoughts of the future of LULU? (... 17 2 years 10 months
Need advice whether to take Series 7 & 79...Hey all- im going to be starting FT at my MM in july. the firm told me however that i will NOT be required to take either series license exams... a) is this odd? it is a very reputable shop so they know what they are doing (its a MM bank talked about all the time on WSO) so i am confused why... 1 2 years 11 months
Part 2- Finally Got It - Top MM Offer- Thank You...So my previous post ( had people commenting on it asking how i went about networking/using linkedin. Here is my advice on basically reaching out to someone cold on linkedin/just how to game the networking system. My... 27 2 years 11 months
Stifel CEO PayCompletey under the radar, but this guy got nearly $7mm this year (recently announced): To give this guy credit, he got paid more than MS CEO... 15 2 years 12 months
BB MDs/group heads jumping ship??So i've seen recent articles or news saying that global/senior MDs head of tech/retail/oil... 9 2 years 12 months
PE group structure & resposibilities Question for those that have actually worked in PE- from my understanding, some PE firms have division where the tasks from sourcing to operations are broken up as the following- 1) business development: looking for good target LBO comps, looking for distressed comps or auctions, maintaining... 4 3 years 5 days
Montgomery & Co Sells SF Office and Closes LAI saw a Bloomberg article that stated Montgomery sold their SF office to Signal Hill (another boutqiue/mm advisory firm focusing on tech and digital media/internet) and that their santa monica office will be closed with "the firm offering severance packages to its remaining bankers in Santa Monica... 4 3 years 6 days
Drop out of banking?Hey all. I've got a friend (and in this case, its an actual friend, not me) thats going to be at a top BB (gs/ms/jpm) starting this summer (again, really, not me lol il be at a top MM not BB). He's been ranting on the past few weeks about what he wants to do after banking and its really seems... 5 3 years 2 weeks
JCP CEO Johnson is outI beat myself up for not buying call options on this stock about a month and a half back when i started looking into JCP more Recent news a few minutes ago show that ex-Apple retail guru Johnson has just been removed as CEO and ex-CEO Mike Ulman has returned source- 42 3 years 2 weeks


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What do u have exactly from biws?What do u have exactly from biws? 90 2 years 3 months
Interested as we'll. thanks Patrick, you've...Interested as we'll. thanks Patrick, you've helped us all more than you even know and appreciate this website more and more each step I take further into my career n recruiting 90 2 years 3 months
true dattrue dat 13 2 years 6 months
heard they are downsizing and paid below street...heard they are downsizing and paid below street to corp fin analysts this past july. just FYI. 3 2 years 7 months
I've got a few older friend in the NY office....I've got a few older friend in the NY office. been told the hours do suck hard but they are compensated way over street for it (1st year analyst bonus was $70k). deal flow has been picking up as well. from an M... 6 2 years 7 months
you clearly must work at clearly must work at Houlihan. 21 2 years 7 months
okay good, wasn't not 100% sure. thank you for...okay good, wasn't not 100% sure. thank you for clarifying! 10 2 years 7 months
houlihan higher than evercore? ms? moelis? the...houlihan higher than evercore? ms? moelis? the fuck is this shit. 21 2 years 7 months
im at a good MM and recently got an offer ( at a good MM and recently got an offer (lateral already and I started in july) for an EB that luckily had an opening and I still am considering quiting all together. the hours aren't even the worst part (90 hrs/week for me on average), its the fact that you do mindless turns in a deck or do... 60 2 years 7 months
hows the LA office doing? I heard its down to...hows the LA office doing? I heard its down to like 15 people now and have had 3 rounds of lay offs past year and a half. any idea how deal flow is/how many FT they are taking? 10 2 years 7 months
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