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Training the Stree Accounting Pre-TestDoes this thing matter? Is it worth putting in the time? If I've taken basic accounting classes is there a need to study? Does your employer see it? There are some old threads on this but nothing recently. 5 1 year 11 months
Starting BB analyst, what to do with 400k?Just found out for the first time that I have 400k of stock in a single f50 company (don't want to get into it). I've been in the upper middle class or at least I thought so (thanks to good raising by my parents) my entire life. I'm 22 years old and about to start working full time at a BB. Should... 59 2 years 3 weeks
Not in a top groupThere's a lot of focus on getting into the top groups on this website and then getting access to recruiting at megafunds. I'm starting at a mid-tier BB next year in what's not considered a top group. Will it be much harder to get good buyside jobs or will I not reap the rewards of killing myself... 2 2 years 3 months
flashy walletsHi Guys, What are your thoughts on wallets in general? Are there certain luxury brands that look douchey? I was given this as a christmas gift. I like how sleek it is but I just don't want to give off... 14 2 years 3 months
Specifc Latin HonorsI have a questions about MBA Admissions. I am a senior at a top 20 university, taking one class in the spring in order to graduate and save money. I am currently projecting a 3.791 gpa overall upon graduation. I would be in the range to graduate cum laude. The cutoff for magna cum laude however is... 8 2 years 6 months
W's on transcript, chill senior yearHi guys, I don't know if you can answer this but here's my question. I just accepted and offer at a BB coverage group, I'm going to graduate with a 3.80 and expect to score strongly on the GMAT. I'm currently in 16 credits my senior year (a lot) and took a language class purely for pleasure pass/... 6 2 years 7 months
offer without a superdayI just got an offer this past week from a BB for FT. I networked a bunch with the group and had a round of interviews with some senior bankers on the phone. Got called this week and given and offer. They never flew me out to meet the team or anything. Is this weird? Should I be weirded out? It's... 9 2 years 7 months
accelleratedIs there an accelerated process for consulting. Say I were to receive an offer from a bb ibank for ft in an accelerated process, could I do something to speed up the consulting process before they come to campus in late september? 2 2 years 8 months
BAML and CSWhat are people's thoughts on the BAML LA office in terms of exit opps. Also what are strong groups in CS NY besides sponsors. If I'm networking with one office should I not say I'm interested in their office in another location as well (just focus on one location?) 1 2 years 8 months
FT Recruiting - Didn't get an offer Can someone shed some light on the FT recruiting process. Few questions: Should I recontact people I was in touch with during junior year if I didn't get an offer (rejected versus waitlisted). Should I bother trying for top banks if I didn't have a BB summer internship (interned at a very respected... 5 1 week 3 days


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If you recruited after two years of REIB...If you recruited after two years of REIB experience, do you have any idea what the comp would be? I'm assuming you would come in as an associate? What are some of the best firms you would be gunning for? Is larger usually better? 99 1 year 3 months
Have a ton of questions for you. I understand...Have a ton of questions for you. I understand that for REPE recruiting, many REIB analysts jump after a year. What are your thoughts on leaving your REIB group after a year since REPE is hired on more of an as needed basis? Are there benefits to staying/ would a senior really recommend you if you... 99 1 year 3 months
It's simple, location and the education school. It's simple, location and the education school. 12 1 year 4 months
bumpbump 1 1 year 6 months
Not trolling. I'm the finance guy in my family at...Not trolling. I'm the finance guy in my family at 22, as funny as that sounds. I have complete control as of now and can invest it in whatever I want. Don't want to explain why it's not properly invested and is in one stock. I was asking this forum for some ideas of stuff to do with it with little... 59 2 years 3 weeks
Thread got hijacked. I'll answer your actual...Thread got hijacked. I'll answer your actual question. I'm working at a BB next year with an internship at a hedge fund my summer after junior year. It's much more competitive because there are less spots but it's basically the same as SA recruiting. Try and get into accelerated recruiting... 24 2 years 3 months
Is the Gucci wallet too flashy?Is the Gucci wallet too flashy? 14 2 years 3 months
Just looked at my school's requirements for phi...Just looked at my school's requirements for phi beta kappa and while I significantly meet the gpa requirement, apparently you need to take 3 semesters of a language not 2 which is required by our school's liberal arts core to graduate. Aka I am not eligible. 8 2 years 6 months
It's 1750 a credit hour but there are no classes...It's 1750 a credit hour but there are no classes less than 3 hours. I think 5k is a lot of money no matter what but let's say hypothetically would your answer change if my parents were paying for my tuition and I could take that money saved and put it towards business school. 8 2 years 6 months
Any thoughts on Citi or CS?Any thoughts on Citi or CS? 24 2 years 7 months
WallStreet Prep Master Financial Modeling