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F*&King AnalystsSo, apparently I haven't been on this site in while, and it'd be a shame to make a return to just complain, but I've emptied the beers from the minibar and it's still way too early to sleep, my body now evading anything approaching a circadian rhythm. Instead of sleeping, thought I'd throw in some... 124 10 months 1 week
Integrity Matters: Has anyone in the history of...Monkeys that have written Integrity Matters, what's the lowest score you've hear of someone getting on this test, and has anyone ever managed to fail it? 16 3 years 1 month
Happiest/Saddest EmployeesHere is the City released some survey results for banks with the happiest employees, and the departments with the most miserable employees. The happiest employers: Good news for monkeys heading to places like Royal Bank of Canada, Baird or Jeffries, here are the top ten: 1. Royal Bank of... 27 3 years 2 months
Jump from research to banking, after bleeding...I flew into London the morning of my interview, only to find that my luggage was on the next flight. Normally not too much of a problem, except that a) I had to start a final round of interviews for a banking position in two hours and b) as it was a 12 hour trip, I was wearing sandals and shorts... 57 3 years 2 months
Analyst Finds Out What The CEO Thinks Of Him On...Phil Skolnick from Canaccord asks Encana’s Clayton Woitas, Interim CEO, a bit of a touchy question… The response is beautiful… Listen closely… 7 3 years 2 months
What Kind of Banker Should You BeI searched the site to see if this has already been posted, didn't see anything. Net effect, follow the link, answer the questions and GS will tell you where your personality says you belong: Explore Goldman Sachs - Careers Quiz [quote]Goldman Sachs offers many opportunities to make an... 63 3 years 2 months
How long does the overseas onboarding process...Looking for people with experience in getting hired overseas. I've accepted an IBD position with a BB (story of interview: and am currently waiting for confirmation of a start date. I guess... 3 years 3 months
Best Cover Letter Ever?According to, guys on Wallstreet are raving about this cover letter. I don't think it hurts that the kid's uncle introduced him to a banker. Also on the website ( ) some people... 7 3 years 3 months
Anyone ever burnt bridges on the way out? Let...So I've officially accepted a position with a BB's IBD, but due to scheduleing and paperwork I don't expect to start prior to March. In the mean time I'm going out of my skull at my current ER position. I don't want to take a month off in between gigs, and being my cautious self I don't want to... 37 3 years 3 months
Best Pranks on the Summer StudentsI've had a couple 'Summers' that I really had to give a hard time to, some of my favorites: Attached a wireless mouse to computer: One of our students sat by the coffee machine, so I attached a wireless mouse to his computer, then everytime I went to get a coffee I'd move the mouse around and... 33 3 years 4 months


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Imagine yourself conducting an interview, now,...Imagine yourself conducting an interview, now, there are two kids accross from you, one has relevant work experience, they other has spent the last few years not working and getting credentials. One can start working and be useful in the office, the other can't. Which one would you rather hire? 118 2 months 2 weeks
This has been an interesting to read through the...This has been an interesting to read through the comments. I should have been clear, I've never yelled at any juniors, and I take time to show them what they've done wrong and how to fix it, I did mention, though it got missed by some commenters, that I've been singled out in my team as an... 124 1 year 1 week
Whiskey5 agree on two points: information flows...Whiskey5 agree on two points: information flows one way, and even with well meaning MDs you never hear anything unless you screwed something up. That said, even if you never talk to the MD, as an analyst you're being paid to be able to think, take a look and read the book. Lots of product teams are... 124 1 year 1 week
Agree with above, underwriting is more broad than...Agree with above, underwriting is more broad than just valuation, in my experience it included vetting, valuation, DD, marketing, etc, pretty much everything up to and including distribution. That said, I underwrite deals in mining, oil and gas, oilfield services and tech, not just real estate... 6 1 year 1 week
I just have to figure out who you are calling at...I just have to figure out who you are calling at the office and get them to tell you I'm at my desk. 124 1 year 1 week
Replying to multiple hits here: A) I think we (...Replying to multiple hits here: A) I think we (banks) are trying to staff up, which means we are taking more people, and at the same time, there are more options for the top candidates, resulting in taking more bodies from a reduced pool B) I've cut back my hazing since joining a bulge bracket... 124 1 year 1 week
I think the problem is that we become short...I think the problem is that we become short sighted and only see tasks. Basically, process these mark-ups, find that number, build these comps, and we forget the why, or that these things are there to support a message. That's when you end up with some shit results. That said, I can work with... 124 1 year 1 week
Half the joy of MBA is being in school and not...Half the joy of MBA is being in school and not having any responsibility. If you work your ass off in year one, and get an offer at the end of your internship, kiss any effort in year two good bye. It's brilliant. The schools offering part time or accelerated programs are pushing the... 9 1 year 1 week
To quote GSelevator: "if you want a friend, get a...To quote GSelevator: "if you want a friend, get a dog, if you want a friend with benefits, date a PR chick". 34 1 year 1 week
Been talking to the associates/VPs in my office...Been talking to the associates/VPs in my office and the general concensus is that this year is a crap year for analysts, even the MBA hire associates are weak. Following that old saying 'you are likely the only link between all of your problems', I really evaluated if it's something I do or don't... 124 1 year 1 week
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