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Moving Away From "Buy and Hold"This year has so far been euphoric for the financial world, less Apple and Bill Ackman. The S... 49 3 years 1 month
Time to go Bear?Yesterday the Dow hit an all-time high of 14,273, up from its previous high of 14,087.55 which occurred on October 1, 2007. Additionally, the Dow has posted almost 9% returns for the year, and has doubled since its low points in March 2009. As this Index takes off, inverse ETFs and VIX ETNs are... 4 3 years 1 month
John Stewart, Helaine Olen, and Financial AdvisoryJohn Stewart, Helaine Olen, and Financial Advisory Last week I turned on Comedy Central and saw an interview on The Daily Show with Helaine Olen, author of Pound Foolish, a book that examines the “Dark Side of the Personal Finance Industry.” While I haven’t had a chance to read the book, her... 13 3 years 2 months
Ackman-Icahn Conflict Flow ChartThis is a very amusing flowchart...especially with the reference to the pyramids/Icahn being born. Defiantly worth a look over, especially as HLF will stay in the news for a while. 3 3 years 2 months
Chinese Commodity TradingThis article (link) isn't particularly new (11/12), but one of my classes was talking about it today and I was wondering if anyone here has any experience trading/brokering strange "commodities" with the Chinese. Basically, the article points out the strange affection the chinese have for... 3 3 years 2 months
Is It Too Easy For Retail Investors?I remember when I was younger and day-trading stocks seemed like a mystical thing reserved only for really rich people or people who were really smart. Now, it seems like almost any body can some how take advantage of investment tools and engage in day trading. The most blatant example is “NADEX”.... 3 3 years 2 months
Website Stocks: The New Tech BubbleThere has been a lot of talk this year about upcoming tech IPOs, and despite the performance of Facebook (FB), interest is still high. Investors are speculating about at least 17 stocks (link) , which include Living Social, Twitter, and Box. Recently, Twitter was trading on the secondary market at... 3 3 years 2 months
MBA vs. Entrepreneurship OpportunityFirst, I want to say that CompBanker’s recent article (here) was amazing and has really made me revisit my decision of not pursuing an MBA. While thinking about it, I stumbled across this article from (here), which talks about the cases for/against an MBA as well as from this... 17 3 years 3 months
AAA Corps and the Flow of Risk-Off TradingThe other day, I had the opportunity to attend a presentation by an analyst who’s focus is in Rates Trading. During the presentation, he talked about the future outlook of US Tsys and what that said about the US Government’s future relating to its credit rating and debt/gdp ratio. The most... 11 3 years 3 months
The Push to Equities: Smart or PrematureIn an article I recently read at Business Insider (here) BofA made the bold statement of saying that investors were entering a period that they call “The Great Rotation”. This period will be characterized by increased investments in risky equities funded with the movement away from low-yielding... 4 3 years 3 months


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Great articles....SB. "And to you, Doctor... clk...Great articles....SB. "And to you, Doctor... clk clk cluk clak!......Oh. Sorry." 63 5 months 2 weeks
Teddy - I work at a Healthcare RE developer/...Teddy - I work at a Healthcare RE developer/investor, so what I am saying could be slightly off. I also don't know how familiar you are with RE loans, so forgive me if this sounds patronizing. With CRE, NOI is all that matters. If you can get your DSCR to around 1.25 in the ramp up period, then... 28 1 year 5 months
"You have my money taped to your boobs,...“You have my money taped to your boobs, technically you do work for me.” - Haha, classic. This movie will be the new "Wall Street", and hopefully Leo will get an oscar. 52 2 years 10 months
Haha, I just posted it on thereHaha, I just posted it on there 9 2 years 11 months
CRE: holla_back: I honestly think that this...[quote=CRE] holla_back: I honestly think that this list may have been compiled by my 14-year-old sister and a random gay dude. Sounds about right Also you sister is the age that my future wife currently should be. I'll hit you up in about a decade[/quote] Haha, that was an awesome... 42 2 years 12 months
Interesting post. Kind of crazy to think that...Interesting post. Kind of crazy to think that people are going to speculate about this, but i guess more than a few speculative investments seem crazy at time. The Cyprus rally is good indicator that failure of gov. fiat currencies and backed deposits will strengthen virtual if you... 8 3 years 1 month
Buy and hold I think is still the best way to go...[quote]Buy and hold I think is still the best way to go for most people and I don't think the fact that people are making money through short-term speculations is evidence against that.[/quote] Right, and I agree that most people should focus on the passive long-term approach. I was speaking... 49 3 years 1 month
He woke up, saw the Dow hit a new record high,...He woke up, saw the Dow hit a new record high, and realized that Capitalism will always defeat Socialism... 35 3 years 2 months
Captcha raptcha: Only watched the first...[quote=Captcha raptcha]Only watched the first interview, but think that you miss their main point: that wages, salaries and earning a living isn't enough anymore for a large percentage of Americans, thus they get sucked into these mass media investing "scams" as a way to get by.[/quote] I see... 13 3 years 2 months
Haha, this will get some arguments going. I am an...Haha, this will get some arguments going. I am an American UG, so I am answering as such. Also, if you think anything I say is offensive, please know it is inadvertent. I completely agree with the basis of the article, that the U.S. immigration system is beyond messed up. Reform isn't even possible... 30 3 years 2 months
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