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Need help choosing between two non-targsSo it's looking like I will only have the option between UC Davis and UC San Diego barring a miracle in which I somehow get into Berkeley(im missing a pre-req). Between Davis and San Diego, which one would you choose? Both are top 10 publics but unfortunately that's not enough to interest... 2 years 4 months
When to start looking for PWM internshipsHi wso, I am a sophomore and right now I'm trying to land a f500 internship but I am also interested in PWM at a BB. I know it's not great but I thought it would be enough to show my interest in finance in preparation for junior year SA recruiting. Do you think it is too early to start... 2 years 6 months
Questions regarding F500 internshipHi WSO/CFers, Thanks for helping me in my other thread. I have some questions regarding these internships. I have applied to about 10 F500 companies so far (mostly F100). I started the day after Christmas. I don't have OCR and I will be transferring Fall 2013 so I have been applying via websites... 2 years 6 months
Are F500 summer internships paid?I've applied to a handful of F100 companies for a summer internship but most of the locations are on the east coast or far away from where I live. Does anyone know if these internships are generally paid? Thank you. 2 years 6 months
Has anyone heard of Bryant Park Capital?From googling it seems like a boutique out in NY/Philly. Anyone intern or know of someone who interned there? thanks wso! 2 years 6 months
Attending other schools career fairsWhat do you guys think? Does it seem weird? I live about an hour from one target and about 2 hrs from a super target. Has anyone else done this? Thanks guys. 2 years 6 months
Quick question about adding university I will be...Hi all, hope you had a good Christmas. I am currently a community college student that will be attending a university in Fall 2013. I have already been accepted into the university but I have one more semester to go through at CC(Spring 2013). Can I put the university under my education and somehow... 2 years 6 months
Other ways to find local boutiques/mm/pwmsI'm a sophomore currently trying to compile a list of local boutiques/mms/pwms to contact after the holidays to look for an internship over the summer. So far I've used google maps and wso's company database. Any other tips on finding local firms? Also one last question regarding BBs. There are... 2 years 6 months
Sophmore year internship helpHi WSO, I am a community college student transferring to a university next fall. So far I have only applied to some universities. One is a target, one is a semi-target and the others are non-targets but safeties. I just have a few questions regarding an internship before I transfer. There are... 2 years 6 months


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The failure thread I get what you're saying but maybe he just fit better. It's really all about the fit. Everything else is a bonus or can be learned on the job. 2 years 4 months
Consulting Internships Tips/HelpI would also like to know as well. Thank you in advance. 2 years 4 months
Need help choosing between two non-targsThanks for the reply lasampdoria. I am actually in the transfer process right now and still crossing fingers for Berkeley but more realistically it'll be Davis/SD. Thank you again. 2 years 4 months
The failure thread Fuck. What a depressing thread. The only thing that's stopping me from giving up is heroine. 2 years 4 months
Are F500 summer internships paid?Starting to panic a little bit. Applied to a bunch of F500s but no reply yet. Still applying but worst comes to worst, I'll do some unpaid gig local :( 2 years 5 months
Internship decision: Boutique or BB Middle office...I think it's different for everyone but me personally, I would take the boutique. Talking about actual experience in IB could be valuable during an interview as opposed to just having a big name on your resume. Obviously BB IB would be the best but that's how I feel. 2 years 5 months
Gpa asterisk?No. Put your cumulative or your cumulative + major. 2 years 5 months
Question regarding Major GPA on resumeI would say but down both but putting your major gpa alone could be misleading. 2 years 5 months
Freshman summer pwm internshipYou should be mentioning the internships...PWM isn't like MM or BB Ibanking. You literally just email asking for a summer internship. 2 years 5 months
Freshman InternshipsYeah I agree. Look for a unique internship that will be a great conversation starter in interviews. 2 years 5 months