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Collection of Bridgewater Associates'...Came across this link through a newsletter - it provides links to Bridgewater Associates' writings from 1999 to 2012, mostly on macro themes. I myself am not hugely into macro, but reckoned some on WSO might find it interesting so sharing it here. Link: Collection of Bridgewater's Writings 10 1 year 9 months
Observations of a PE AnalystEdit: The following pertain to my personal experience in private equity in a region outside of the US. Continue reading only if you are interesting in knowing about something that does not conform to generally accepted norms in PE. During my relatively short time working as an investment analyst... 22 1 year 11 months
R.R. Martin: The Rolling Stone InterviewGoddamn, it's good to get a peek into the mind of one of the most loved/hated authors alive today. George R. R. Martin, author of the 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series, opens up in a riveting interview with the Rolling Stone magazine. It's a great insight into Martin's history and his views on... 2 1 year 12 months
Seth Klarman on Beta - Inviting Contrarian ViewsIn his legendary book 'Margin of Safety', Seth Klarman deplores the use of beta as a measure of risk. He argues that beta is simply a measure of historical volatility of a stock and doesn't say anything about 'risk' in its literal sense. For instance, a low priced security may have a... 17 2 years 2 weeks
I'm bored outta my mindWhat the title says. Deal flow is negligible and I'm waiting for investors/management to respond on the few active deals. Bored of tweaking models, browsing BI, reading The Economist... Already reached 4096 on the 2048 game a few weeks ago. What the hell do I do now? C'mon, WSO, you're my last... 52 2 years 2 weeks
Use of EBITDA - Sensible or Flawed?Earlier today I was reading Buffet's 2013 annual letter to shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway, and one tiny, miniscule point caught my eye: [quote]Our definition of coverage is pre-tax earnings/interest, not EBITDA/interest, a commonly-used measure we view as seriously flawed.[/quote] Well,... 23 2 years 1 month
Separate forum for technical questionsUsers (including me) often post technical questions related to financial analysis and what not, that are sometimes not specific to a particular industry. Could we have a separate forum for such kind of questions? It might be good to have them all in one place, unless they're very specific to a... 11 2 years 1 month
Text formatting on WSOJust wondering if we can have standard text formatting options in button-format on WSO. It's rather cumbersome to use the code every time emphasis is required. Is it possible to have the most basic options like bold, italics, underline and bulleted/numbered lists as buttons? Another unrelated... 6 2 years 2 months
Thinking like an Investor: The key financial...I've quite often come across the phrase "thinking like an investor" in books and here on WSO, "not thinking like an investor" seems to be a fairly recurrent reason cited for getting dinged in a PE interviews. It's quite natural, since it is not something that one can pick up from a banking stint.... 34 2 years 2 months
Quick Help - PDF to ExcelNeed to bring some data tables from PDF to Excel - someone know any good and reliable resource? I tried googling but half of the websites need an account and the other half is shit. I don't mind paying for a software that I can download, but just need it to be reliable. Thanks! 8 2 years 5 months


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Congrats @Dingdong08 A well deserved title. I...Congrats @Dingdong08" A well deserved title. I haven't posted on WSO in a long while but followed your posts with interest. Better make some space on your shelf for that silver banana trophy. 20 2 months 3 weeks
TheTwoHacker: I know I would use my MBA to do...[quote=TheTwoHacker]I know I would use my MBA to do some self reflection and discover what long-term career I want to take (I have learned a lot about my self when I wrote those admission essays).[/quote] Did you actually write in your essays that you want to do MBA for self-reflection and... 7 1 year 3 months
Don't beat yourself up. Like someone above said,...Don't beat yourself up. Like someone above said, the MD was probably having a bad day and took it out on you. This shit happens all the time to the best of us, don't let it get to you. It's one thing to appreciate feedback, but if you let an MD's opinion of the quality of your work dictate your... 22 1 year 6 months
@"thebrofessor", she must have made a hell of an...@"thebrofessor", she must have made a hell of an impression on you to get you to write this post for her, instead of you telling her to make a post and ask the good folks of WSO. (not shitting on you at all, got great respect for your posts and advice. just found this somewhat funny.) 7 1 year 6 months
If I remember correctly, LinkedIn permits sending...If I remember correctly, LinkedIn permits sending a maximum of 3000 invitations (the number might have changed since I last saw). When you're sending an invitation, LinkedIn shows a message along the lines of "always send invitations only to people you know. Click here to know why." When you click... 34 1 year 6 months
The number of people commenting here who seem to...The number of people commenting here who seem to be unaware of TED astounds me. Although many of his posts may have been too filled with obscure words that one would be hard pressed to find in a thesaurus, I still found his writings exceedingly witty and entertaining. Gonna miss reading his... 26 1 year 7 months
Red tie: Why are these guys not wearing any shoes...Red tie: Why are these guys not wearing any shoes? Yellow tie: They probably forgot to ask about it on WSO. 23 1 year 7 months
Only 269 slides in Part 3? Tch tch... someone...Only 269 slides in Part 3? Tch tch... someone dropped the ball. 42 1 year 8 months
This conversation is reminding me of George...This conversation is reminding me of George Oswell's classic, 1984. 54 1 year 8 months
Why the f*** is this home paged? I'm all for @...Why the f*** is this home paged? I'm all for @goldencinderblock's better posts, but homepaging this is pushing it. 63 1 year 9 months
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