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Experienced hire cold emailFor someone who has been working in the industry for a couple years and looking to jump firms/buyside ASAP, would the best angle for cold emailing be asking for advice (about the industry/how they broke in/etc) or being more direct (stating experience and how that would be a fit and if there are... 1 year 10 months
Recruiting in another city while employedWas looking to move to another city (another financial hub) sometime in the near future. Any tips on how to do this when already employed? Or even how protocol usually is? Interviews also come when they come so how would one be able to take multiple trips out there, esp. when we work in a... 2 years 3 weeks
List of repe firmsPossibly showing type of fund too (value-add, opportunity, core, etc) Rather not pay a grand for preqin report tho it does seem comprehensive 2 years 2 months
REPE interview questions?Is there a thread/list somewhere of REPE questions to know similar to how our IB and vanilla PE peers have their interview guides Would be for analysts with 2 years in reib/top brokerage (eastdil, etc) experience 2 years 4 months
west coast opportunity funds/interview?Looking for a good list of main opportunity funds in CA (i see most of them are east coast, with maybe a small office on the west). What technical questions would they typically ask in an interview at the associate level? 2 years 10 months
series licenses?currently on the sell-side. is the real estate salesperson license, series 63, series 79 (basically what im encouraged to take) or any others necessary on the buy-side (targeting opportunity funds, but open to others)? will firms look at you funny if you've been working and dont have them? thx 2 years 10 months
work websense filter wont allow WSO chat roomsad life. burnin the oil sat nite when i need u guys the most! 3 years 3 weeks
fleece jacketi know many firms/trading floors keep the AC high what's your choice of fleece? patagonia? north face? arcteryx? 3 years 2 months
Charles Tyrwhitt shirts - VAT + customs fees?been looking around and it looks like CT added 20% VAT tax for non-UK customers on their UK site. does anyone know about this? also read some people got charged a customs fee for large orders so has anyone ordered from CT lately? is it still a good deal (im looking at the 4 shirts for... 3 years 5 months
Link me to dress pants ($<100)I heard a lot about bonobos but the nice ones are like $175 and not sure which other ones would work What brand&line of pants should I buy under $100 for everyday wear to work (biz casual)? Banana Republic is > $100 as well iirc Link me! 3 years 5 months


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Xanax on Drug TestNot sure they would even be able to differentiate between benzos (if at all) in a basic test 1 week 3 days
REPE Interview Help: Modeling and Periodicals[quote="G Spread"] NOI is 4% of the property value. Interest expense is 2.25% (75% * 3%) of the property value. ROA = 4% - 2.25% = 1.75%. ROE = 1.75% / (1 - 25%) = 7%.[/quote] I believe you mean ( 1 - 75% ) but yeah that's right 2 weeks 3 days
Reading and Training Materials for Real Estate...Havent read but heard this is good if you can maybe find an old copy online to download 2 weeks 5 days
CMBS hours & comp[quote="mrcheese321"]Some life cos have hybrid AM/origination jobs. Life co analyst (focus on b-notes/single asset deals) - 80k + 25k bonus - about 40-50 hrs a week for a 2nd year. (1.5 billion portfolio + 250 million in new purchases a year) Life co associate (AAA focus) - 95k + 45k bonus -... 3 weeks 5 days
What are the best websites for people in their...I cant stand EliteDaily and Buzzfeed 1 month 1 week
JV modeling questioni only use them for lookback calc on non-condo deals (deals with a residual, where the IRR is made up almost entirely of that last CF). otherwise i use the accrual / equity balance / equity repayment method. but every shop has different jv models. interested to hear other responses as well 1 month 3 weeks
JV modeling question=FV(NOMINAL(RATE,12)/12,MONTH,,NPV(NOMINAL(RATE,12)/12,CF1:CFX)+-EQUITY BASIS) 1 month 3 weeks
Ditch banking for real estate development?That's actually really good, I assume you work at one of the big developers? Although I would think the non-Tishman/Related's of the world though would be pretty low, no? 1 month 4 weeks
Ditch banking for real estate development?Comp in development is extremely low at junior levels compared to IB; all the money is made when you have skin in the game 1 month 4 weeks
Chase Sapphire Preferred - First Year Analyst[quote=Feasbyy] hopefulbanker99: Why don't you just apply and find out? I have it, the 40,000 bonus at beginning was nice, also got another free flight out of it because i spent way too much at bars last year haha. They just charged me the annual fee and i'm debating canceling now tho. Not... 2 months 17 hours