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Is a Wharton MBA worth it for me?Hi, I have been accepted to Wharton (awaiting HBS currently) for the full time MBA. Am 28 years old. Currently earning USD 150k. Guaranteed earnings for the next 5 years: Year 1 : 160k Year 2 : 175k Year 3: 190k Year 4 : 220k Year 5: 235k Year 6: 400k Year 7+ : 500k These earning... 3 years 1 month


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Again, thank you all for the advice. I think a 1...Again, thank you all for the advice. I think a 1 year course may be a better idea for me. My initial considerations for US courses were that I am a 'career changer' and they appeared to offer better odds (from my understanding of forum posts anyway) for me to make a transition to MBB. Also I... 3 years 1 month
Graduated in the UK (where Fees are heavily...Graduated in the UK (where Fees are heavily subsidised at £1100 per annum) at the age of 23. We do not have 'pre med' and head straight to medical school aged 17/18. So a total outstanding loan of about £7k. 2 compulsory years an an intern takes me to 25/26. Now a further 2 years into my run... 3 years 1 month
Thanks for the insightful comments. A few...Thanks for the insightful comments. A few clarifications 1) My salary is 'guaranteed' in that I am on a legally binding training contract (with set salary and working conditions). Also, the massive jump in earnings at year 6+ reflect my becoming a specialist (hence the big move up). 2) Yes, it... 3 years 1 month
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