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Blackstone Real Estate Investment SuperdayHas anyone heard back yet? I think they are having it next week. 1 year 1 week
Centerview Non-target SuperdayCenterview is having a superday on February 7th for non-target kids. I had a first round this week over Skype. Has anyone been invited yet? 1 year 1 week
Questions to ask a managing partner at Goldman?...So I have an info session with a managing partner at Goldman. He's an alumni. What are some good questions to ask him? 1 year 3 months
Houlihan Lokey - Healthcare (Excel Test)I had a first round and will be having an excel test. Has anyone taken their excel test? What is it like? Apparently I will need 4 hours to complete the test. 1 year 3 months
Had my interview with BlackRock! Few questions? I like the culture and hour but can anyone comment on the pay, business school placement, PE/HF (any shot)? I interviewed with the advisory and strategy group. 1 year 4 months
Roark Capital - Private EquityI had an investment banking internship over the summer at a BB and have an offer to go back. But I'm really just interested in the buy side. Currently, a middle market private equity firm (3 billion USD) is recruiting at my school. I was wondering if anyone has heard of Roark Capital? If so, how... 1 year 4 months
Dress shirts for BB IBD InternshipI am looking to buy shirts for my internship this fall. I have a very slim build (29 waist, 37 chest). I went to Nordstrom, Brooks Brothers, and Burberry yesterday. At Nordstrom, I tried their HUGO by HUGO BOSS and Gucci (they were the slimmest fitting shirts available) in 15 because they don't... 1 year 9 months
Full Time offer (Timeline)I am interning at a BB firm this summer and I just have few questions associated with the full time offer: 1.) What are some of the things I can do to make sure I end up getting the offer aside from following directions and being in the office (long hours). 2.) How much is the signing bonus... 1 year 9 months
BB Summer Analyst (Lev. Fin) - WeekendsI am fortunate enough to have received an investment banking internship at a BB this summer. But I am still a little confused about the hours. I have heard many times how much the hours suck and how unpredictable my work schedule is going to be. People often say that interns should get in around 8... 1 year 11 months
Sell Day = updated resume? I received a BB investment banking internship during the first semester of my junior year (platform offer). The bank will have a sell day sometime in late January/early Feb. My grades from the fall semester have drastically dropped (probably between 3.0... 2 years 1 month


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You too dude!You too dude! 1 year 3 days
Yeah, I know for sure that NY superday is on...Yeah, I know for sure that NY superday is on Saturday with dinner on Friday. So I guess if we don't hear back by tomorrow then we should move on. 1 year 3 days
Did anyone else hear back yet? Did anyone else hear back yet? 1 year 3 days
Congrats dude! Still waiting to hear back but I...Congrats dude! Still waiting to hear back but I guess it's not looking too good at this point. 1 year 4 days
Nothing here!Nothing here! 1 year 5 days
@wigglewiggle You already heard back and got the...@wigglewiggle You already heard back and got the superday? 1 year 6 days
over the phone. Has anyone else heard back or...over the phone. Has anyone else heard back or interviewed? 1 year 1 week
It was a first round. Pretty standard IB...It was a first round. Pretty standard IB technicals. Why real estate? Walk though resume etc. I didn't have any real estate specific questions. 1 year 1 week
Yeah I guess that''s a good thing. Unless none of...Yeah I guess that''s a good thing. Unless none of us got it :O lol 1 year 1 week
When did you interview? When did you interview? 1 year 1 week
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