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Looking at backlogs I don't have much experience with contract based companies that file backlog statistics every Q and year-end - what are some best practices when it comes to analysing changes in these numbers? What are some important things to look for, or general thoughts to keep in mind? Also, how can you... 1 month 5 days
Sum of the Parts valuationWould anyone be willing to take a quick look at my go at an intrinsic SOTP valuation? Please & thank you 5 months 1 week
The Pity of War With the 100th Anniversary of World War I on us, I thought it'd be interesting to post a contrarian view on the origins of the war. I'm sure a number of people on here are familiar with Niall Ferguson and some of his works such as "The Ascent of Money" and "Civilization" - his book "The Pity of... 10 months 2 days
Books on Cash Flow What are some of the best books, or chapters in books, on cash flow? Articles or commentaries on YouTube too if there are any good ones. 10 months 1 week
Tortoise Capital AdvisorsWas wondering if anyone had any personal insight on these guys. How is the team regarded throughout the E&P space? 10 months 2 weeks
Junior SA Resume CheckGot my resume up to date and added a couple positions. Any suggestions/changes anyone can point out that might help going into Junior recruiting this year? Thanks 8 months 4 days
Thoughts on How to Format a Cold Email Mod note: This was a top rated comment ahwhile back in response to how to format a cold email here: Stand Out as a Non-Target: Recruiting. What's your take on long vs short emails? I'm going to disagree with your cold e-mailing format. I go to a Non-Target as well, and I've spent my fair share... 1 year 3 months
Winternship AdviceStarting tomorrow on the equity traders desk at a large cap growth firm ($5-8B AUM) assisting their execution traders. I'm not too sure about what I should expect to be doing, so if anyone has any advice or experience of their own they wouldn't mind sharing that'd be great. The only information... 1 year 5 months
Could we ever take an ownership stake in YouTube...I was thinking about YouTube accounts last night, and it got me thinking - could we ever buy ownership stakes in a YouTube account like you do a stock? Top performing YT accounts have netted totals anywhere between $1-5mm over the course of 2-3 years (however long the YT Partners program has... 1 year 6 months
Can new posts be flagged? Would it be possible to add a "New" flag, or some form of visual identification, on new posts in topics? 1 year 6 months


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Looking at backlogs Great response, thank you! Could you create a revenue model from backlog? Or would that be difficult due to the amount of assumptions one would have to make about completed work progress? I know that Revenue Recognized from the backlog model flows into the top-line. Since you mentioned you... 2 days 17 hours
Best Industry GuidesI've gotten some pretty good industry outlooks by reading a years or so worth of earnings calls from 5-6 companies in whatever field I'm trying to learn about. 5 days 23 hours
Know Anyone Involved In A Scam?A girl I was friends with in high school dropped out of college and started selling It Works. 6 days 8 hours
Looking for my first stock to invest in - should...So whats so bad about growth? Wouldn't you like to buy a great business who's growth prospects are secured by a series of competitive advantages buy also selling cheap as well? That way you get year over year returns rather than just a last pop. 1 week 2 days
must read books for hedge fundsThe Most Important Thing Accounting for Value The Investment Checklist Competition Demystified The Art of Value Investing (Not really a "how to" book, but its fun to compare/contrast the thoughts of different managers to similar least for me...) 1 week 2 days
Looking for my first stock to invest in - should...Define "value investor". 1 week 3 days
Expectation for Hedge Fund AssociateAll great questions you should have asked in your interview. 1 week 4 days
Recommend me a must have bookCompetition Demystified 2 weeks 6 days
Right in the childhood Ohmigosh yes. DBZ, Yugioh and dont forget Yu Yu Hakusho! If you haven't watched Team Four Star's DBZ Abridged series on YT that will hold you over until this comes out. 3 weeks 6 days
Any Metalheads on WSO?Super excited for the new ABR record if the new single is any indication @In The Flesh" did you like the new nightwish album? 1 month 1 week