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At what point did you become interested in...I'm about to begin college after four years of the military. I became interested in Consulting after reading about Bain and saw the benifits and exit opps. Now I am wondering why other people get into it and what ,also they did to prepare. 2 years 5 months
Military To ConsultingI am currently an Active duty military member nearing the end of my contract. I am looking for a possibility of going into the consulting field and i would like some feedback or advice on my plan. I am currently staioned in San Diego and my plan is to go to a California Community College and after... 2 years 5 months


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Military To ConsultingThanks for the encouragement, it's good to know that it is doable. When should I start looking at summer internships? What is applicable for the consulting field? 2 years 5 months
Military To ConsultingEight Years infantry? Thats harsh. I'm on the other end of the spectrum. Communications Electronics Maintenance. The exit opps are actually really good. Most people get out, get a job as a contracter for Rockwell Collins or General Dynamics and get paid $200k to end up answering phones at a help... 2 years 5 months
Military To ConsultingOh I understand it's really not a leg up for post undergrad employment. I was just explaining my situation. I plan on working my a** of to get to where I want to be. I mainly posted to see if anyone had any suggestions or at least feedback of the feasibility of my plan. 2 years 5 months
Military To ConsultingI joined the Marine Corps in '09 right out of high school. Less than a month between graduation and boot. I probably need shoulder and knee surgery now. But at least its covered. 2 years 5 months