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Would I make the wrong impression if I wore these...Nobody cares, really. 99% of people won't even notice the logo. 1 year 2 months
College Advice NeededWow, engineering is so good for consulting, there must be mechanical engineering courses at MBA programs and within MBB training programs. Oh wait, there aren't any. I mean seriously I'm not saying STEMs are bad for MBB, they're just not as good as business degrees. Deal with it. I'm a business... 1 year 3 months
College Advice NeededI'm an MBB consultant myself, so I kind of know what I'm talking about. The fact that there're a ton of engineering majors across MBB does not at all mean engineering is a good choice to do management consulting (logic 101 here). There might be billions other reasons why this is so, and some of... 1 year 3 months
College Advice NeededI'd second dual-degrees mentioned. And sorry for posting something of zero value, but this is for future readers: although, I understand it might be too late for you to switch to econ/business. doing engineering for consulting is like doing ballet for opera. 1 year 3 months
WorkIt's OK. I bet you two are pretty smart and sensible to not let it spoil anything. And what else can you do? Breakup? Turn down the offer? This makes no sense. 1 year 3 months
How strong is the McKinsey advantage over the B...Being in one of the two in Moscow and having gone through an internship I think you should also weigh the chances for staying after the internship and MBA opps. I only know the details for the company I'm in though, unfortunately. 1 year 7 months
MBB firms response rates - too much focus on core...This is insane and must be a mistake of some sort. Just call the office and ask about the email. MBB do work with everything from startups to F100 companies, and you're wrong in your assumptions. Not to say that MBB made a huge mistake here be it due to technology or someone's decision. 1 year 7 months
How do I get into Harvard MBA in two years with...Solid schools, international experience, McKinsey in your resume. It's like 75+% I guess. You're gonna have a lot more information from your colleagues and special trainings at the Firm than here though. 1 year 9 months
Unconventional background - any shot at...I think you do have a shot. 1 year 9 months
Why does everyone want to do strategy consulting?Answering OP's question about if IT and strategy are thought of differently inside McKinsey. McKinsey has so called BTO (business technology) practice. Even inside McKinsey BTO guys are sometimes (OK, rarely) referred to as people doing some boring back-office BS without proper exit opps. I don't... 1 year 10 months