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HBS and GSB decisions - R1 Class of 2017Anyone with good news today? 6 months 3 weeks
Tell me why I'm wrong for aiming below HSWIt doesn't seem like a particularly controversial statement to say there are only a few reasons why someone from a top banking/consulting + private equity background would apply for an MBA: You think you want to stay on the path you're on, but kind of burned out and want to have a good time... 1 year 2 months
Spent 3 Years at MBB - Ask Me Anything Hello Monkeys - I'm heading into my last week at MBB, and need something to do besides pack up my apartment. Ask away and I'll be happy to answer. My Bio: I have spent the last 3 years at a mid-sized MBB office in the US. I studied Economics at a top liberal arts college without formal MBB... 1 year 12 months
Disappearing BananasJust saw that I lost 50+ bananas without getting any MS - what gives? 2 years 9 months
Evaluating a PE offerIt's been a big week for me; got a PE offer for next year. I only have a few days to decide; I've definitely given it a good deal of thought (even before getting the offer), but for those of you who have moved to the industry (especially from consulting), what were the right questions you asked... 2 years 11 months
Wardrobe Troubles only a Consultant could haveI've been interviewing with a few PE firms, and found one that seemed like a good fit, had a round of interviews on Friday. They say "we'll tell you next steps next week." I travel Monday - Thursday, and am thus packed to go Sunday night. Client is business casual, and without thinking, that's... 2 years 11 months
AMZN's Kiva AcquisitionAnyone know what banks worked on this? 3 years 3 months
Round 2 HBS dingsExpected it after not getting an interview two weeks ago, although it does grind my gears a little bit that someone from an old case team that I ran circles around got an interview and I didn't. Any other monkeys want to commiserate? 3 years 4 months
RBS LayoffsMore bad news, monkeys... 3 years 5 months
Google Business AnalystBeen in touch with the Google Commerce team a bit. Does anyone know anything about pay/hours/exit opps for an Associate Business Analyst? 3 years 7 months


Preview Freshness
HSW MBA w/ Banking&PE Experience Considering...That math seems suspect. 17% of HBS' incoming class did VC/PE (which is higher than prior years, I believe), and 15% of the class of 2014 exited to VC/PE. I can't imagine Stanford and Wharton are considerably worse. 1 week 6 days
Learning curve as a PE associateShape of the curve really depends on culture of where you work, in any industry. If you're somewhere that will allow you to stretch as fryguy mentioned above, then you're in a good place, working for good people. There's definitely a lot more than just building a model and getting the analysis... 3 weeks 6 days
How are NESCAC schools viewed?That's because he meant Conn College. 2 months 1 week
Training materials from Bain or other MBB?A couple (non-proprietary tips): Make it so that people could basically just read your slide titles and understand your presentation. Try to make one point per page (i.e. cut down on the complex charts/graphs). 2 months 3 weeks
Private Equity- In-house operations/ managment of...Why wouldn't you just become a senior exec at a PE-backed company? Unless your experience is broadly applicable or a fund has a really narrow industry focus, you're not suited for an operating partner role. As an aside, the operating partner role is certainly not the only way to improve operations... 2 months 4 weeks
Is IRR always the ultimate deciding factor when...You're probably trading off covenant flexibility with mezz debt versus a lower interest rate with the stretch senior. Mezz might be PIK interest, while senior will generally be cash interest. You're unlikely to end up with the same amount of stretch senior versus mezz; mezz will go deeper into the... 3 months 19 hours
Pre-MBA PE associates - How are you thinking...1) It's not that I want a "vacation", but I want to try something different and lower-key for awhile, either for 2 years, or for a career. It's definitely not about yacht week or theme parties (because both sound like a shit time to me) but about having more time to focus on what matters to me, on... 3 months 22 hours
Tattoos and Wall Street The fact you're more supportive of gangs than self expression is a little fucked up. I also echo Mr. Fuld. 3 months 2 days
Middlebury vs University of WashingtonMiddlebury for sure - when I was in college (which admittedly was awhile ago) they had a pretty legit investment club, they place pretty well into IB and consulting. Even if firms don't come to campus all the time, the network is there. 3 months 4 days
How much preferred equity to include in LBO?I think it's one thing if you're modeling buying from another sponsor who isn't rolling, and another if you're buying from a founder/family-owned business who is rolling a significant stake. We definitely let founders/managers who are rolling invest pari passu in the preferred... 3 months 3 weeks