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Why are most of the top universities liberal?have you tried it seems it is not as simple as liberal or conservative 2 years 3 months
Most important functions in EXCELsumproduct is the best simple formula 2 years 3 months
How Many Shirts In Your Wardrobe??Probably around 60 dress shirts in my walk0in closet. Number really ramped-up in the last year or so since I stared getting them form Sadly all seem light blue or white formal dress shirts and mainly cut-away collars but a few OCDB to add a little excitement. 2 years 3 months
Fashion Advice: Placket or no placket?[quote=EngBanker]If you're in Toronto then no plackets is the way to go. Take a look at people who get off at King or Union station. That said, plackets are okay with simple pattern shirts. Since often custom made shirts mess up the pattern when it gets to the placket, you end up with an ugly... 2 years 3 months
Custom Made Dress Shirts[quote=RubiksCubeMath]I understand that I shouldn't monogram something, because it is like above my pay grade or what ever.[/quote] You could always go for a more subtle monogram location such as the gauntlet or placket using a matching thread colour. the below wiki link shows some of the... 2 years 4 months
Caterpillar/Bucyrus Deal DetailsNo but the deal for SiWei in China looked like a dumb deal. How did their advisor's not pick up the errors? good article below 2 years 4 months
Facebook is a powerful tool for some things[quote=D M]It works for some things. For most things it doesn't.[/quote] Does it work for advertisers big & small? 2 years 5 months
Crowd Funding[quote=NutKnife]Do you think it's the government's responsibility to make sure non-accred investors don't get played? I wonder how Kickstarter will change, if it at all.[/quote] Yes 2 years 5 months
Crowd FundingCrowd funding really should have a place in society but how can risk be quantified so information is more asymmetric? Perhaps caps on the amount that can be invested - say $500 That will limit exposure. 2 years 5 months
What's better: Custom made shirts vs....[quote=mrb87]Yes but you don't spend your whole life in the *same* dress shirt; in fact, I only get about 3-6 months wear out of one.[/quote] Spending a little bit of money on 5-6 shirts using say Thomas Mason super 120 cotton fabric that should last you a while is probably money well spent.... 2 years 5 months