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Critique Resume PleaseI will be sending my resume out within the week and I would appreciate any constructive feedback. Thank you in advance! 1 year 5 months
Are Free Markets the Correct Answer?I often find myself wondering why people believe that government intervention is the answer or better, why does the government believe it can solve problems better than society? What makes the government believe it can solve not only individual's problems but society's issues in general? In a... 2 years 1 week
Long Term Savings Through GoldNews about America’s economic decline continues to plague media outlets. Additionally, the purchasing power of the United States Dollar (USD) persistently weakens, yet nothing is accurately reported on how middle-class Americans can protect their wealth. Sure, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal... 2 years 2 weeks
Turkish ETF by iShares: TURThis ETF allows those who seek investment opportunities in the emerging market a rare opportunity, exposure to a top growing economy within the $5,000 to $25,000 per capita GDP range. The pros and cons with Turkey is its location to an unstable region. Do the potential returns associated with this... 2 years 3 weeks
Nigerian ETF Launched by Global-X Funds: NGEEarlier this month Global-X Funds offered their first single country ETF, NGE (Nigeria). This ETF allows those who seek investment opportunities in the frontier market a rare opportunity, early exposure to a rapidly growing economy. However, as most Americans know, Africa is strife with problems... 2 years 1 month
Microfinance Follow-UpLast week I posted a piece about the career benefits of utilizing outside the box finance jobs, to distinguish yourself from your peers. This week I wanted to provide a follow-up to some questions that were posed in the comments, hopefully being able to provide more insight into the microfinance... 2 years 1 month
Do Microfinance Opportunities Provide Anything...Students are constantly working to distinguish themselves from their peers in order to land that coveted entry level position at an Investment Bank, conducting Equity Research or performing Private Wealth Management. Yet these individuals are all performing the same tasks just slightly better... 2 years 1 month
The Failures That Lie With Socialized MedicineLately there have been numerous articles dedicated to how Obamacare is going to be received by businesses throughout the country. However, little attention has been given to how people will be affected by this small step towards socialized medicine. While eating dinner at a local grilled chicken... 2 years 2 months
The Complexity of SimplicityRecently I have been told that it takes only endurance, not any disenable talent to be considered a runner or an investment banker. This forced me to think about how the simplest concepts are often in fact highly complex. First, let me state that I am not an investment banker, I am a runner. Most... 2 years 2 months
Finding Happiness Outside of FinanceFinding happiness in our lives is a state of mind we all seek, yet we often uncover that it is difficult to truly achieve this mental state. Culture has dictated that to truly be happy with must first be financially secure. This is true to a certain extent however what is the proper amount we need... 2 years 2 months


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$9 computer raises $1 million on Kickstarter in 5...I believe this is a great project. However, aside from those individuals who will already tinker, we need parents to get their children involved with projects like these. By having children growing up tinkering with projects like this we could show them what engineering and computers are really... 1 week 2 days
Marine Officer/Aviator Ask Me Anything[quote="flewbye"]"jntheriot504" wrote:The negatives are spot on, could not have said it better myself. ~ former enlisted Air Force. Yeah, I think these problems are well known. But like I said, the positives for me have outweighed those negatives. I know 30 years from now when I am bragging to my... 1 week 3 days
Marine Officer/Aviator Ask Me AnythingThe negatives are spot on, could not have said it better myself. ~ former enlisted Air Force. 1 week 3 days
Marine Officer/Aviator Ask Me Anything[quote="flewbye"]"CF1988" wrote: I was a 670 GMAT, but I also know of veterans with lower GMAT's still get into target schools. My experience is that schools are more flexible with test scores for veterans. There needs to be other aspects of your application to offset a lower score, but for vets I... 1 week 3 days
If you could do it all over...[quote=flewbye]"jntheriot504" wrote:Thanks for your service(usually trying to fly me into some sort of geographic feature or another airborne machine!) and good luck to you.[/quote] It is tough business trying to surf the internet and perform air traffic control. 2 weeks 2 days
If you could do it all over...I am former military myself though I was on the other side of the radios (air traffic control). I know you are going to B-School but have you thought of 'data science'? It is highly technical and constantly challenges you intellectually. Additionally, solid work/life balance and pays well (90 -... 2 weeks 3 days
Putting finance off for the military?I was in the military for eleven years as an air traffic controller; currently employed now as a data scientist. Personally, I would not recommend the military to anyone as it has become a political game where our mission was dictated by Washington and not from a 'protecting/serving' your country i... 1 month 2 weeks
Do you think Jordan Belfort has actually changed?First, I mistyped in my previous response, at then end I meant to say the post wasn't directed at you. While I know kids will see movies they shouldn't, a good parent should not allow their children to see that movie, especially at 10 years old. It deserved an R rating and we cannot Ponder what ifs... 1 year 3 months
Do you think Jordan Belfort has actually changed?[quote=Iloveoptions]All the movie did was glorify him and that is fucked up.[/quote] I don't think anyone who has any sort of moral compass saw that movie as a glorification. The told the story as is leaving it up to the viewer to make their own decision about him. He is disloyal, put his... 1 year 3 months
Do you think Jordan Belfort has actually changed?The man is a egotistical sociopath. These type of people do not change, they learn how to say what people want to hear to continue on their path to self-glorified greatness. 1 year 3 months