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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 3 years 3 weeks
Voices of Finance InterviewsI stumbled upon these interviews done by a journalist in the UK. He recently conducted 70+ interviews with a wide array of different finance professionals (everyone from interns to MDs and BO to M... 3 years 3 months
David Swenson: Overview of Yale MethodCame across this recent (April 2012) presentation by David Swenson. He's been the CIO of Yale's endowment since 1985. He starts with an overview of his investment views and then goes on to rebut "Barron's" Criticism of the Swensen Approach to Endowment Management (ie overly diversifying and... 3 years 4 months
Best Place to Buy a Raincoat/ Winter Coat in...Hi guys- I need a new winter/raincoat for work. Something that is classy and between 3/4 and full-length. Something like this: Price range: 100-250 GBP Anyone have any good places to purchase one like this? P.s. I... 4 years 5 months
Chinese Reserves Can't Protect ChinaI recently sat in during a presentation of a head economist of a BB and he was confident that China will be, in the next 5 or so years, the next dominant economic superpower. When questioned on that view he made light of the fact that China can basically not fail with their US$2-3 trillion or so in... 4 years 7 months
Footing the Bill for DatesAnyone have a rule about not paying for anything during the first/second/third date (from a guys perspective)? I think its hard as a young monkey going out with girls because they think your loaded and they expect you to take them out to nice bars/clubs/restaurants. 4 years 7 months
Cholesky Decomposition in Vba help Hey guys, Has anyone done a Cholesky/ variance decomposition before? I am currently doing a project- the idea is to find out the correlation between different stock markets, incorporating directionality. I know how to get the correlation like through normal regression methods, but am clueless... 4 years 9 months
Best places to buy a suit in LondonHey guys, Does anybody know of a decent store to buy affordable yet stylish suits at in London? I'm looking to spend max 400GBP and I want a 2-button suit with a slim-ish fit. Any ideas? Thanks, JM 4 years 10 months
Chinese Property Market DataHello all, Does anyone have any idea on where to get (relatively) reliable data on the Chinese property market? If anyone has access to any reports done on the subject I would VERY appreciative if they could pass them along to me. Thank you, JM 4 years 11 months
Thoughts on Client Coverage Group?Hey Guys, Can anyone tell me the exit opportunities for the Client Coverage group within Corporate Banking? Is there any prestige associate with the group? Whats the salary like? Any insights would be MUCH appreciated. Thanks, jmdude 5 years 3 weeks


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You might want to check Daily Mail's article-...You might want to check Daily Mail's article- full name there ( never saw it on the front page... 3 years 3 weeks
So, is the consensus AmEx Preferred Rewards Gold...So, is the consensus AmEx Preferred Rewards Gold Card? Is it worth £150? Would you have to put all of your bills/groceries/expenses on it to break even? 3 years 1 month
amenamen 3 years 1 month
wish i had a silver banana to donate. VERY well...wish i had a silver banana to donate. VERY well written 3 years 2 months
One of my good friends was doing an IBD...One of my good friends was doing an IBD internship at a BB a few years back. Everything is going well, he gets along with the team, works his ass off and it looks like they need a junior analyst. Fast forward to the last day of his internship and the whole team goes out for a big dinner and drinks... 3 years 2 months
and dont do a 7city learning msc- you're...and dont do a 7city learning msc- you're basically doing an msc for recruitment and as far as i know 7city is just an educational program 3 years 2 months
If you're looking at Scandy go either for...If you're looking at Scandy go either for Stockholm School of Econ or Copehagen Business School (in that order). If you go with CBS (which is free for EU citizens) I'd be prepared to learn Danish as when recruitment comes along the BBs (that visit from London) heavily favor Danish/Swedish/Norwegian... 3 years 2 months
I lost count on how many of my friends got...I lost count on how many of my friends got internships at BBs through family connections (with and without interviews). 3 years 2 months India... India Approves First Seven Hedge Funds(Aug 20 2012): Kohlberg Kravis Roberts' India Alternative Credit Opportunities Fund is one of the funds now able to operate in India. The others are IFCI Syncamore India Infrastructure Fund, Utthishta Yekum Fund,... 3 years 3 months
The model definitely was shaken post 2008. Pre...The model definitely was shaken post 2008. Pre crisis family offices and FoFs held the majority of HF assets and were far more comfortable in investing in smaller managers ($50mln tix they have (usually) more sway with the managers when it comes to fees. Because of this trend and others the fee... 3 years 3 months
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