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Shifting Wish Lists and Fleeting FreedomsMod Note (Andy): #TBT Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted on 12/20/12. To see all of our top content from the past, click here. As in years past, Christmas has found a way to sneak up on me. And, unless you're way younger than WSO's target demographic, you probably feel the same way... 38 4 months 5 days
Non-Target --> BB IBD Analyst --> Activist... Looks like the lead Analyst on the Darden situation at Starboard Value went to powerhouse banking target Cal Polytech State. Goes to show you, it really doesn't matter where you go to school. This dude is crushing it. Who... 8 1 year 7 months
Ex-PE Guy Launches a Briefcase Company - Ask Me...I've been on and involved with this site since its inception. It's been a sort of guide to me since I was a junior in college - it helped me break into banking and then PE. I've tried to give back over the years and am writing this because I think I can give back in a unique way, one that will be... 140 9 months 3 weeks
Q&A with an Executive MBA StudentMod note: Click here to see all of our q... 16 2 years 4 months
Haymakers For Hope - Financiers Fight for a Noble...Mod note: Click here to see all of our q... 10 2 years 9 months
Haymakers For Hope returns to NYC - Sign Up,...This post is for lovers of boxing or anyone who wants to do their part to K.O. Cancer. Haymakers for Hope is back in NYC for its 2nd annual charity boxing event and it's looking for men and women to train at one NYC's top boxing gyms for four months before stepping in the ring to literally... 9 2 years 10 months
Fun Things I Discovered While Perusing the...So, I've taken some time to peruse through WSO's 2013 Compensation Database, and it's honestly awesome. I've been on WSO for a while, from my time as a bright-eyed undergrad trying to break into a summer analyst gig, to my time as a jaded banking analyst, seeking out the greener pastures of private... 22 2 years 10 months
Tweets Coming to a Bloomberg Terminal Near YouLast Thursday, Bloomberg announced that it has begun integrating Twitter functionality into its service platform. It filters company and market-centric tweets for its base of over 300,000 subscribers. This came shortly after the SEC provided guidance that would allow for companies to distribute... 7 3 years 2 weeks
Bitcoin - Believe the HypeUnless you've been living under a rock for the last few weeks, you've probably heard the word Bitcoin thrown around in the news quite a bit. If you're a bit more web savvy, or an active Redditor, chances are you've known about it for a few years. But, do you really know what Bitcoin is, how it... 49 3 years 3 weeks
17 Year Old Sells Startup to Yahoo for $30 MillionSince taking over Yahoo back in July 2012, Marissa Mayer has been on a mission to transform the company into a modern web power player. Yahoo, with its massive and diverse array of content, is a portal for millions of people on the web. Whether you're interested in checking out share prices,... 38 3 years 1 month


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RiskyBizness: I'm not the one who threw monkey...[quote=RiskyBizness]I'm not the one who threw monkey poo But I find your lack of keeping up on current events disturbing [/quote] That doesn't even remotely change what he was saying. Also, if you don't... 12 1 month 3 weeks
It all varies based on the bank and the school....It all varies based on the bank and the school. NYU is 3.5 for some, no real cutoff for others (GS and MS were looking for "outstanding credentials," whatever that means), while some were 3.3 and 3.0 (but 3.0 was more or less only Wachovia. Greenhill would only accept apps from those with a 3.6+. 147 9 months 2 weeks
There will be an update. I apologize to you guys...There will be an update. I apologize to you guys who have been asking, I haven't been on WSO much (if at all) for the last 4 - 5 months due to some totally unrelated stuff that I've been dealing with. Anyway, look for an update in the coming days. I'll be looking for feedback from WSO on where... 140 1 year 3 months
I don't care that much either way, but I really...I don't care that much either way, but I really don't get people who are beyond belief gung ho about making the argument that "yes, it's not appropriate, but we should keep it anyway because I hate liberals!" Just...get a new hobby. 35 1 year 7 months
So compelling.So compelling. 92 1 year 7 months
Translation - "Leave poor Ray Rice alone!" You...Translation - "Leave poor Ray Rice alone!" You realize that the number one sign of battered woman syndrome is defending the abuser, right? Good has already come out of this. It took a video, which is unfortunate, but it has. It's shined a light on the NFL's complacency towards this sort of... 92 1 year 7 months
TNA: My issue is with bias, plain and simple....[quote=TNA]My issue is with bias, plain and simple. This isn't a case of Ray rice coming home drunk and kicking his wife's ass because his cosi bread wasn't included in his order. Both parties were drunk, talking shit and assaulting each other. I think he's generally remorseful and going through... 92 1 year 7 months
I think the people on here who are taking this...I think the people on here who are taking this weird "Rice's punishment is too harsh because of the media or something, whatever" stance need to think about how they'd feel if the woman Rice knocked unconscious in the elevator was their sister. I think you'd be calling for much worse to happen... 92 1 year 7 months
I think we can agree that the cop fucked up on...I think we can agree that the cop fucked up on the scene, big time. At best, he didn't see the footage and heard a story from Rice. At worst, he gave a pro athlete preferential treatment. And Rice wasn't banned from football, he's out for the year. And I think we all know that employers are... 92 1 year 7 months
Harsher penalties for domestic violence ARE the...Harsher penalties for domestic violence ARE the right move. Sometimes, or oftentimes, people don't do things because they are the "right thing to do," and need an extra push. And I'd hardly call people being appalled by a video of a guy knocking his fiance the fuck out and then acting indifferent... 92 1 year 7 months
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