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How I Landed My First Gig on Wall StreetMany years ago I left Graduate School in an un-related field and was working in the retail fashion industry. After having trouble making ends meet I decided to get into the financial business (I made the decision while sitting on the sidewalk after a motorcycle accident). I began emailing, faxing,... 20 3 years 2 months
Best Dress Shoes for Durability in the Financial...Greetings, I have gone through numerous dress shoes over the past 5 years: $500 Polo Ralph Lauren, $300 Magnani, $300 Allen Edmonds, etc. I am very hard on my shoes. What do you recommend? I'm in my 30s and my name is on the door (not sure if that qualifies me to wear Salvatore Ferragamo...) I... 16 3 years 3 months
Hi, Monkeys!Hi, my name is J. I'm a CFP. Looks like a good community! I look forward to reading articles and interacting with you. Cheers. 5 3 years 2 months


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This happened to me many years ago. I LEARNED THE...This happened to me many years ago. I LEARNED THE HARD WAY. I was told, with respect, that I should look for another job and that the clock was ticking. I did not find another job and I thought I could turn things around (how naive!) When the day came I was escorted out of the building. I felt like... 132 3 years 2 months
Awesome story. Instead of making excuses, you...Awesome story. Instead of making excuses, you rose to the occasion. I hope this mindset takes you far. Reminds me a personal story I haven't thought of in years. 57 3 years 2 months
It's nice to see the CFP given some respect. As...It's nice to see the CFP given some respect. As far as retail financial services goes, in client facing roles and relationships, this is the designation to have. It provides the foundation for what is relevant in holistic financial planning. The Final Exam is no walk in the park. *Of course I'm a... 82 3 years 2 months
I'm a monkey in Hawaii *shaka*I'm a monkey in Hawaii *shaka* 26 3 years 3 months
Based on talking to reps around the country it...Based on talking to reps around the country it seems like there was a clash of cultures; large differences in management style, and the integration of systems/portfolio management programs between the 2 wirehouses had some issues. My understanding of MSSB in HNL is that a few big producers left for... 5 3 years 3 months
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