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UT v. SMU Honors I've been accepted to both McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas and Cox School of Business for the BBA Scholars and University Honors programs at Southern Methodist University. I get the idea that I'll be a mediocre student at UT and get recruited by a decent firm after graduating... 2 years 4 months
Tips for a PWM InternThis summer I'll be interning for a private wealth management group of a BB bank for about a month. I'll be starting college the next fall as a finance major, but as of now, I don't know much about wealth management, and I'm not sure if I'm going to be working alongside an analyst or fetching... 2 years 5 months


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How do the Old Money actually live today?I agree with most of the first few comments. Didn't read the rest. The nouveau riche of the 19th century is considered American old money. In Texas, the oil barons are also somewhat considered old money, but their wealth is less than ten generations old, while European old money is centuries old... 1 year 10 months
New York vs. Houstonholla back has the right idea. If you're anything but moderately wealthy, Houston is a depressing place to live. 2 years 1 month
New York vs. HoustonKeep in mind Texas is a different culture than the South. My family is from Dallas HP but I was born in Houston and have lived my whole live in Piney Point and Hunters Creek. If you don't live in Memorial (Southern conservatives), Tanglewood (increasingly Mexico City families, professional athletes... 2 years 1 month
UT v. SMU Honors Here's a link to UT graduates' salary statistic: It's interesting that only 6% of them ended up in the Northeast. I imagine only the cream of the crop of Business Honors students are recruited straight to Wall Street. 2 years 2 months
UT v. SMU Honors I appreciate the objectivity, Dan. What I meant by the "just another UT grad" is that I would be 3rd or 4th quarter at McCombs, as I barely was accepted. I would be far from a star. I do believe I have a very reasonable chance of making it to the AAMC program, and thats why I used those stats. The... 2 years 4 months
UT v. SMU Honors 17 years of 100 degree wet heat might change your opinion, debito. For some reason I always held the notion that Dallas is more finance-oriented than is Houston. Here's a link about SMU's AAMC program. The placement is... 2 years 4 months
UT v. SMU Honors Thanks for all the feedback. Sorry for being so specific, but the last thing I want to do is end up in Houston. I would be in the BBA Scholars program and I would work my tail off. Also note that UT Austin has 38,000 undergrads while SMU has only 6,000. I always hear about kids who get recruited... 2 years 4 months
UT v. SMU Honors Of course it's UT Austin...I don't plan on staying in Dallas after undergraduate. 2 years 4 months
UT v. SMU Honors Thanks for the input. How does that compare to Texas? I've heard UT is more national and international, while SMU is strong regionally. I know banking is great in Dallas, but post-graduate, I'll be looking toward New York. How does a BBA Scholar compare to a McCombs student on paper? 2 years 4 months
Tips for a PWM InternThanks, Frieds. I understand that asking questions is crucial to internship. Any specific reading you'd recommend? I've already a long list. 2 years 5 months