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Investment Banking Documentaries?Does anyone know of any good ones? 22 4 years 10 months
2nd year BO/ MO/quasi FO rotational analyst...Hi-- I'm an analyst soon to graduate from a BO/ MO/quasi FO rotational program from a top BB that emphasizes experience cross-LOB (IB, AM, etc). I've worked hard, impressed my teams, and chosen my rotations strategically in such a way that when I realized I wanted to move to FO 6 months ago, I did... 11 4 years 10 months
NYC or Chicago?I'm an SA in NYC who is trying to figure out where her focus should be in applying for positions at firms in Chicago or New York. I've looked for apartments in NY (2700/mo. 400-500 sq. ft pieces of trash in one of the most powerful financial capitals of the world) as well as places in Chicago (1600... 13 7 years 9 months
Advice on References... HELP!I've been offered an SA position with a BB in NYC, and the time has come to start onboarding and supply references. One of the finance committees for an non-profit organization I worked with for a while has rotating chairs and the chairperson I was on the committee with is no longer living in... 8 years 1 week


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Argonaut: NYCSA: Argonaut: D M: Damnit...[quote=Argonaut][quote=NYCSA][quote=Argonaut][quote=D M]Damnit Argo, you are way too on top of it. And I thought her response was great, I was amused :-p[/quote] Way too self-righteous for a saturday. Needs to save all that indignation for sunday[/quote] Meh. I use most of my Sunday for... 174 4 years 10 months
lwgreendog18: Argonaut: Greendog, have you...[quote=lwgreendog18][quote=Argonaut]Greendog, have you gone on a date with your lovelady yet?[/quote] if were being serious right now then matter of fact i got her number today in the museum, thinking about giving her a call 3 days later since the fear she sense desperation from me which i have... 174 4 years 10 months
Argonaut: NYCSA: There ARE some who won't...[quote=Argonaut][quote=NYCSA] There ARE some who won't look at you twice if you're not in this category, but IF they're not successful themselves then we call those golddiggers, gentlemen, and unless you want to find 80,000 charged to your credit card from Cartier on the monthly, you wanna stay... 174 4 years 10 months
JackJM: I can't understand how you people are...[quote=JackJM]I can't understand how you people are so obsessed with success and measuring men and women value by their "success". Is it always like this in the USA? Man your country should suck. Finance is great to make money and gain freedom in your life after 10 years, but doing that for... 174 4 years 10 months
heyalexxxxx1: Well after asking for help and...[quote=heyalexxxxx1]Well after asking for help and being helped I did my presentation to COO and he like it, and now wants me to do the same analysis across all business units. I am receiving work from very high management which in a way is good and bad because they have much higher expectations. I... 40 4 years 10 months
bIastoise: Frescut: that's because most of the...[quote=bIastoise]Frescut: that's because most of the kids here are 18-20 year olds who fantasize that getting into GS/MS will automatically make them attractive to girls. it might, but those girls aren't the type you are looking for. respect people. that means women, people different from you,... 31 4 years 10 months
blackfinancier: Freshcut: JackJM: Freshcut...[quote=blackfinancier][quote=Freshcut][quote=JackJM][quote=Freshcut] You will never find a "quality" girl if you have not worked and accomplished something meaningful with yourself. Or in other words done something that makes others RESPECT you for what you have accomplished. [/quote] That's... 174 4 years 10 months
Update: The MD from the new team actually came to...Update: The MD from the new team actually came to me with an offer to be treated like a 2nd year analyst given my past experience, which was really cool of him--he offered, so I took it. Figured I'd circle back, as most folks rarely do and leave future readers wondering what happened. Thanks for... 11 4 years 10 months
euroazn: design: euroazn: links pl0x http...[quote=euroazn][quote=design][quote=euroazn]links pl0x[/quote] Amazing...[/quote] Read it. It definitely had some potential but he overdid the poor grammar/spelling, especially at the update section. A... 82 4 years 10 months
Hahaha! If this gives you any indication of what...Hahaha! If this gives you any indication of what happens when you don't: Then most decidedly, yes. You SHOULD ban women like me. Not sure how that'd work logistically, but it can't hurt to give it the... 31 4 years 10 months
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