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Stockbroker Commits SuicidePretty sad. Here's a link: Wanted to post this not to cause a stir, but just to remind people yeah, this economy sucks. Things are tough, but it's... 6 years 7 months
Sir Allen Stanford Cries, Threatens to Punch... 6 years 10 months
Muffin Top EpilogueCouldn't help but post this here: You may have noticed an extremely attractive female/possibly human cow-stomach to your right. Apparently these gross ads are everywhere: and working, too. 6 years 11 months
"It Was You" Some great words by Jamie Dimon. Just when I thought all the eloquence and smarts on Wall Street were being drowned out by the incompetence, there's still proof out there that there is smart money still breathing in... 7 years 6 days
Stanford GroupDoes anyone know anything about these guys, specifically their investment banking arm? They're well known for a few other things. Outside of their website and a few articles I dug up, there's very little here. Any thoughts from anyone involved out west or in Miami? I know they have some top ER... 7 years 7 months
Clean Tech, Energy, Aerospace/Defense Boutiques?Hey all, I've been trying to compile a list of banks that deal specifically with these industries (obviously not all at once). Does anyone know where/how I can compile a list using these criteria? I'm looking West/East Coast, or abroad. 7 years 8 months
Personal Accounts of VC: The Best Blogs?Hey all, curious if any of you have suggestions for blogs of venture capitalists worth following. I don't mean a trade blog, but someone's personal account, their views on the industry. Any of the top names in particular? I know some of the best venture stars have blogs, but I wanted to know... 7 years 8 months
A Unique Opportunity...Worth it?So, an alumni contacted me about a position at a very unique firm: The position is with a small team: 4-5 people make decisions on the deal. The firm researches veterinary hospitals as potential buyouts. The deals range from $1-4 million, and goes through 8-10... 7 years 8 months
Advice on a Consulting OfferHey all, I was hoping anyone with some experience could share their thoughts on the following offer: "Business consulting": the offer is with a firm that supplies a trading software platform (like Reuters or Bloomberg Terminals) that is specifically designed for hedge funds. The consulting... 7 years 8 months
Valuing Stub EquityHey all, I am modelling a leveraged recap for a case competition, and I am a little puzzled. The deal offer is to exchange one old share for a significant cash dividend, PiK junior debt, and finally, a share in the new company (the stub). How do you model the value of this stub equity in... 7 years 9 months


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Take some classes at a local community college...Take some classes at a local community college and build an "alternative" transcript. 6 years 3 months
I think you gain insight into an industry that's...I think you gain insight into an industry that's going to be in the spotlight of the public eye for some time... I work in FIG-related MC, and I think being able to say you're at the center of the banking, credit card, insurance and financial services industry right now puts you at the center of... 6 years 3 months
With whoever said you couldn't go to HBS if you...With whoever said you couldn't go to HBS if you took the JPM job...just goes to show you how many people talk out of their ass here sometimes: not that the majority of advice is good, but I know 3 alumni from my school that have gone to HBS from that same program at JPM. One is currently enrolled... 6 years 3 months
So, actual returns are historical. No...So, actual returns are historical. No projections, no probability, etc. It's what actually happened to the asset. Could be sliced any number of ways: monthly, yearly, daily, etc. For stock (assume no dividends), this is just your day-to-day or month-to-month, etc. swings in price and what... 6 years 3 months
I say give him the green light if he's good, but...I say give him the green light if he's good, but tell him never to say that again, haha. Geez. 6 years 4 months
Released an update to his 5 forces analysis in...Released an update to his 5 forces analysis in the HBR last year. He touched on this: it depends on how you choose to use a framework. A framework is a way for you to understand something: to package an otherwise complicated or un-unified idea/set of ideas into one. So, do you want a quick... 6 years 6 months
Role, type, size, responsiblities: you'll need...Role, type, size, responsiblities: you'll need to sell this. You'll also need to defend why you didn't have time to take internships or explore. Those will be your weak areas, but you can mitigate part of that by selling your club experience. 6 years 6 months
The main point of this question is to 1....The main point of this question is to 1. Narrate your story for the reader/interviewer, because they definitely haven't had time to look it over before this minute. 2. Tell your story of how everything you've done before has brought you to this interview, aka why you are pursuing banking,... 6 years 6 months
You have a solid background. The two keys to...You have a solid background. The two keys to landing interviews, assuming you're looking for an internship: If you're looking for full time, one of these obviously doesn't apply. 1. Network. Get a list, google, linkedin search, whatever. Type in the name of each MBB, followed by your alma... 6 years 6 months
Terps are well represented at Moelis! Woohoo!...Terps are well represented at Moelis! Woohoo! Ya'll know! 6 years 6 months
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