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MBA Class of 2015 - Kenan-Flagler (UNC)Just wanted to see if there was anyone here that will be matriculating to Kenan-Flaglers full time MBA program this year? 2 years 9 months
Who would have thought brainteasers were useful...Haha. Who would have ever thought that a brainteaser might actually be useful?!? Come to find out the one about ping pong balls is actually least at Ford. Regards 3 years 6 months
Manhattan Elite Prep??Has anyone heard of and/or used Manhattan Elite Prep? They have a Groupon in Atlanta today and I was curious if anyone has used any of their services and whether or not they found them helpful, or not worth the time/money? This would be for the GMAT/Business School. 3 years 7 months
Audio Book suggestions?!?!Just looking to see how many people listen to audio books and if you have any suggestions or recommendations? I am just about to finish up the biography on Steve Jobs (I have a few tracks left) and think I am going to grab Barbarians at the Gate for my trip this coming weekend. Barbarians... 3 years 8 months
Is drilling for oil pointless?Just wanted to get some people's opinions on this article a guy I know posted on FB today. The point of the article was to say that oil production isn't directly correlated to gas prices. Do you think that is misleading. Obviously if everyone shut down their rigs the price of oil would sky... 3 years 10 months
Stay motivated...Despite most of us here being monkeys, at the heart of it, we are all still humans...capable of greatness or failure. Here are some reminders that you have control over which label will more accurately describe you... and... Regards 4 years 1 week
WTF?!?! Is Ron Paul a super hypocrite??!?!As most of you know, I'm not a huge Ron Paul fan. Although I do like that he challenges the status quo and I think he brings a lot of valid discussions to the table, I probably won't vote for him in the primary. That's merely a disclosure before the actual point of this post. I was reading... 4 years 3 weeks
Best music video?First off, this probably isn't safe for work for most of you, so maybe you will have to check it out on your phone in the bathroom stall...but I came across this video today and thought it was one of the best I've seen in recent memory. Granted, I spent the first half of my life playing soccer, I'... 4 years 1 month
A real leader and great speakerI was going to post this for Veteran's day and never got around to it but I don't want it to get stale and I actually think it serves several purposes that are relevant in the forum. First, it provides us with an example of how a great leader should present himself. It showcases some... 4 years 2 months
Second or Third round??So, I put off studying and taking my GMAT my first year on the job because of wanting to commit to it and there was always something about to happen that lead me to pushing it off. Well, now I'm in the second year of my two year position and I am trying to get into a good b-school next year (Fall... 4 years 2 months


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For the record, I have thrown NO monkey shit, lol...For the record, I have thrown NO monkey shit, lol. I certainly understand where you are coming from, and maybe we are just splitting hairs (refer back to my comment about being very 'nuanced') but I think there needs to be some ill will or malice or, as ArcherVice has stated, that sense of... 1 year 6 months
As someone sitting in Charlotte as I type this, I...As someone sitting in Charlotte as I type this, I'm probably a bit biased. While Chicago has a certain appeal, I find myself liking Charlotte more and more each day. For the record, I would very likely choose a job in Chicago over a similar job in NYC. Essentially, I have a much more laid back... 1 year 6 months
As someone who was born in Wisconsin... If there...As someone who was born in Wisconsin... If there is no place better than Chicago in the Summer, why does everyone leave the city and head North to the Dells?? I'm only kidding. Regards 1 year 6 months
DCDepository...realistically, how much are you...DCDepository...realistically, how much are you looking to raise? My hope is to either buy some small businesses in the coming years (maybe unrealistic given time requirements) or, I'm looking to do something very similar to what you are doing. Ideally, I have a few friends...or friends of... 1 year 7 months
Just want to reiterate how important it is to...Just want to reiterate how important it is to allow the steak to come to room temperature before cooking. I know this can be a pain for those last minute meals, but it can make all the difference in the world. Regards 1 year 7 months
Don't want to reiterate what everyone else said,...Don't want to reiterate what everyone else said, but I think it's all been pretty accurate advice. I will suggest that maybe you look into some sort of business broker type role. Depending on what your cash flow streams are from the private investments you've made, you could potential fund... 1 year 9 months
jargon223: Believe it or not, I've heard it's...[quote=jargon223]Believe it or not, I've heard it's super, super hard. "Chick-fil-A hand picks their operators, about 75 per year, from over 20,000 notices of interest per year. That's less than .05%." Not an easy one to get into, plus I heard they have this thing against owners having too many... 1 year 10 months
Marker: market looks over-extended. I'll dump...[quote=Marker]market looks over-extended. I'll dump everything in equities now and wait.[/quote] No one else thinks this is good advice? Regards 1 year 10 months
It doesn't seem like it will be easy, but it's...It doesn't seem like it will be easy, but it's certainly doable. It's really about gaining the necessary skills and convincing the potential employer that you aren't a huge risk. For some, that's easier than others. Mezz funds vary in size from $20mm to few billion, but I would think most fall... 1 year 12 months
Bullet is pretty accurate. A big question you...Bullet is pretty accurate. A big question you have to ask when trying to transition is 'why'. You are sitting across the table from someone working in IB, who probably spends his evenings trying to find a buyside job and you are telling him that you want to leave the buyside for the sellside.... 1 year 12 months
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