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The volume in credit today..WOW. Anyone else see something similar today? Normally see some volumes come in (iTraxx, CDSs) spurts, but today was absolutely mental. I sit with the cash bonds and credit market makers and they didnt even have time to piss or grab food today. 4 years 9 months
LinkedIn Prices at $45 a share...Initial range for the IPO was lifted by about 30%, and is now going out right at the top end of that range, $45. ~7.8MM shares going out initially. Wow. Counting all shares held in the company, that implies a $4.25Bn val... $50MM revenues, only $8MM net... EV/EBITDA: 77x. Wow. I'm... 32 4 years 11 months
VTB Capital infoAnyone have info on this firm? Theyre the #1 bookrunner for DCM and ECM in Russia, but dont know how good their brand is outside of their home market. 5 4 years 7 months
Favorite crude oil investments?Its been discussed a few times how the USO is not an effective long-term investment for retail. I want to allocate some funds in the new year to crude, and im wondering what the best 'paper' way to do this is. Leveraged ETFs are obviously out as a long term investment, and since this is a longer... 4 5 years 4 months
Any Warsaw Sector/Industry Info?Can anyone provide information on any possible focus that banks set up in Warsaw would have? Poland's been in the financial news a lot due to their recent surge in investment opportunities through privatization, and so i'd want possible info before i contact some of the main banks there.... 9 5 years 4 months


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SlumstoCPW: The reason why I'm asking this is...[quote=SlumstoCPW]The reason why I'm asking this is because im not motivated by anything [/quote] How do you live? Nothing motivates you, for serious? 44 4 months 3 weeks
Canada Goose FTW. Completely fine to wear to the...Canada Goose FTW. Completely fine to wear to the office if you're in Canada or NE USA 30 1 year 5 months
Ah yes, camera-on-a-stick. Good thing there's an...Ah yes, camera-on-a-stick. Good thing there's an infinite year patent on said stick otherwise i think this thing would have never went public. Oh, wait. 5 1 year 6 months
ArcherVice: I'm not calling for a break-up. If...[quote=ArcherVice]I'm not calling for a break-up. If you want to short the Euro at 1.18... be my guest. I'll likely be a buyer. Political project rather than economic? I would urge you to do some due diligence into the economies of Germany and France prior to the creation of the Euro. The Eurozone... 19 1 year 6 months
ArcherVice: The Euro was initially put out...[quote=ArcherVice] The Euro was initially put out against the dollar at 1.18, which is effectively "parity." . [/quote] So i guess the stint the EURUSD pulled being around and under 1.00 is just.... more parity-ER? PS - for those calling for a break-up, the Euro is more a political... 19 1 year 6 months
Nothing like some sellside shills talking up this...Nothing like some sellside shills talking up this joke of a market. Why such a low forecast? Why not 4000, 5000? Maybe match the Dow while we're at it?? 25 1 year 7 months
IlliniProgrammer: You don't have to stick all...[quote=IlliniProgrammer] You don't have to stick all of your money into tech stocks. I put some of my investments into bonds and gold miners. And I'm a little more conservative in our current market. The point is that you are saving money.[/quote] Word. 3/4 of my liquid wealth is in mining... 61 1 year 8 months
redrocksky: you might want to be more careful...[quote=redrocksky] you might want to be more careful accidentally juxtaposing a helicopter with a 3-series hoping people wouldn't notice. Just saying...[/quote] But...but... it's a 335...that's like, the UPPER middle upper class version. 61 2 years 1 week
These algos aren't only preying on equities. They...These algos aren’t only preying on equities. They’re all over the FX market (due to the sheer size), and in exchange-traded futures as well. At my prior job, while we would actively trade the EURIBOR and Eurodollar contracts, our head traders would always tell us to watch out for the fake size... 84 2 years 4 weeks
ValueBanker14: 26 here. I corroborate my FB...[quote=ValueBanker14] 12 2 years 1 month
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