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Chinese stocksnot sure where to post this but... anyone know of a chinese site covering china / hk kinda like the seekingalpha here? thanks! 2 years 9 months
Anyone buying GS?putting this in ibanking because there's not specific stock picking forum anyone thinking about this? It's at 119 now and I think this could be a pretty good long term buy. 52 week low is at 110 and target price is at ~170. imo, gs didn't do anything wrong and the only thing that's really... 3 years 9 months
US Private Equity with Asia InvestmentHello All, Currently undergoing recruiting now and was wondering if anyone know any US based funds that invest particularly in cross-border deals in HK, China, Taiwan, etc. Went through a lot interviews and ultimately decided that this might be something I want to do and need some guidance on... 4 years 1 month
West Coast PE, Growth Equity and VCWhich places are still recruiting? On top of my head, JMI and Redpoint. Anyone know which places are still doing it? Thanks. 4 years 2 months
Excel Shortcut QuestionDoes anyone know how to go to precedent of every cell or put a border below a cell? ctrl +[ only helps me to go to the first cell and I don't want to rely on dealmaven Thanks. 4 years 3 months
Need : Capital Market ResourcesHello all, so lately I have been dealing with a lot vc-backed funds trying to raise new money. The market is gradually coming down in this field and we are definitely happy to see some actions here However, I personally am not too familiar with the VC capital market terms ( premoney, post... 4 years 9 months
Tax Shelter Advice?Anyone recommend any tax saving books or resources? I figure that most bankers probably have a list of good resources since everyone get hit with almost a 40% earning 6 figures. Thanks in advance. 5 years 1 month
Question about 401k, insurance, etc prior to FTHey guys, so I am starting full time soon in a boutique. I am gathering all my documents and figuring out what plan I should choose and it's pretty confusing, so i was wondering if anyone with experience can help. Here is my situation with my 401k: 1. My employer does NOT match... 5 years 1 month
70/10? for every bank?Are all the banks offering 70/10(15 for returning) now? I heard that boutiques like greenhill is offering 75k? 5 years 5 months
Pre-Wells Wachovia Tech GroupHey guys, Just wondering if anyone have any inputs on the culture and the details of the group before the wells merge at SF. 5 years 5 months


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What is it ACTUALLY like earning 100k??100k after tax is ~ 80k. Rent will take up ~ 20k / year if you are in NYC so you are left with 60K. Monthly entertainment expense of 1k or so on entertainment and another 500 on food (assuming you don't go to fancy restaurants and you stay late for dinners) will get you to 40K. That's the most you... 1 year 12 months
Answering the "What is your current Comp.....just answer what your current comp is. If they lowball you, you can negotiate by bringing up the street number. If it is a good buyside firm with good rep, they wouldnt care if it's 100k or 200k if they really want you. 2 years 1 week
Growth Equity / Late Stage VC RecruitersI believe CPI did JMI when I was recruiting back in banking days. So it's possible they do the other ones. - sorry, corrected 2 years 1 week
Ask Clear Admit: Can I get into a top MBA program?Hello, Would you mind discussing my chance for M7, and what do I need to do now to improve my profile now for a better chance in 2 years? Stats- Asian Male, raised in Asia, came to US around high school. Plan to apply for bschool in 2 years. Education: Top UC 3.45 Cumulative GPA, 3.... 2 years 2 weeks
Ask Stacy Blackman Consulting - Business School...Hello Stacy, Would you mind discussing my chance for M7, and what do I need to do now to improve my profile now for a better chance in 2 years? Stats- Asian Male, raised in Asia, came to US around high school. Plan to apply for bschool in 2 years. Education: Top UC 3.45 Cumulative... 2 years 2 weeks
Ask Alex at MBA ApplyHello Alex, Would you mind discussing my chance for M7? Stats- Asian Male Education: Top UC 3.45 Cumulative GPA, 3.8 Major GPA Electrical Engineering (picked up slack in 3rd and 4th year) SAT:1400 GMAT: Haven't taken it yet, but probably 720+ Work Experience: Well-known... 2 years 2 weeks
Jefferies Paynot sure if the guys above are serious or not...but i have heard some bad numbers for last year 2 years 2 weeks
Remaining in HLHZ Restructuring for lifejust to throw it out my fund, 3 out of 9 guys don't have american citizenship (yes, indian). I also have several other friends who are NOT in mega funds (in 1b+) PE funds who got their firms to sponsor for them. Some even applied for permanent residency for them as well. 2 years 3 weeks
Remaining in HLHZ Restructuring for lifelol i have several friends who are international and was able to get their visa sponsored by PE firms LOL. Sure permanent residency might be a problem if you are there for a short term, but if you are really good at what your do, I don't see a problem once you get your post MBA spots. bad advice 2 years 3 weeks
Technical Question: Cost of Capital in 100% Debt...weird do you wipe out the equity in an LBO lol so sponsors lose their whole check from day 1 lol 2 years 1 month