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So who is going to be Frank Slaughtery tomorrow?Ok, so with tomorrow's non-farm payroll (NFP) numbers being one of the most highly anticipated ones because of what the Fed will probably do on the backs of it. What is everyone predicting for tomorrow's NFP? And who is going to be Frank Slaughtery tomorrow? 2 2 years 11 months
Buying Natural Gas CallsSo with natural gas futures briefly touching below $3/btu last week and at their lowest levels in a decade I'm strongly considering buying an April OTM call spread I have very limited knowledge trading NG though I trade other non-related commodities like light sweet crude and gold for myself... 22 4 years 3 months
Soldier Supporting Ron Paul Technical DifficultyFor anyone else watching CNN... Did anyone notice the soldier at Ron Paul's Iowa headquarters they were interviewing who was supporting Ron Paul's foreign policy platform conveniently getting cut off due to "technical difficulties"? 12 4 years 4 months
NYC Luxury Apartment = Women"Women see windows - and skirts come off" “In New York, when you say porn, more people are likely to think you mean real estate,” says John, a multimillionaire financier who asked that his real name not be used. Nothing more needs to be said. 10 4 years 11 months
Masters in International Affairs Worthwhile?Not a finance question. But didn't know a better place to ask. Curious if anyone on the forum has any experience with or knows anyone who's done an MA in International Affairs. Not necessarily looking to study it to work at a global macro fund/hedge fund but more an institution like the... 18 4 years 11 months
Pakistan's Involvement W/ Osama Bin LadenI think it's almost been a poorly kept secret that Osama Bin Laden was somewhere in Pakistan... While most people suspected he was probably in the Tribal Areas (areas that the Pakistani government has very little authority over) I suppose no one suspected they would find him in a city that is... 11 5 years 6 days
Cheapest method to buy physical gold?Not here to debate the future prices of gold/silver, I'm sure there are plenty of other forums where that can happen. I'm more just wondering, where is the cheapest place to buy gold coins? I know generally different gold brokers charge different premiums over the spot price of gold. On... 3 5 years 1 month
Jasmine Revolution?So with all of the events going on in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Jordan, Bahrain, and potentially Saudi Arabia, some have also pointed to the growing calls of revolution in China, a movement better known as the "Jasmine Revolution" Curious if anyone on these boards is currently working/living in... 17 5 years 2 months
Protests in Saudi Arabia. $5/gal gas soon?In an almost widely expected turn of events, the protests that have occurred throughout Northern Africa and now the Middle East has finally spread to the most important and sensitive geopolitical US ally, Saudia Arabia. Al Jazeera and other Middle Eastern news organizations have reported that... 8 5 years 3 months
Wall Street is Worthless?Sure to strike a nerve with prospective and current monkeys alike but I'm sure some will probably agree with this to a small degree... So this leads to the obvious question? Sure commercial banking has shown its importance... 16 5 years 5 months


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Rhys da Vinci: It's extremely frustrating...[quote=Rhys da Vinci] It's extremely frustrating because it's hard to get capital for a great idea that can change the world because the people who control the capital are only trying to find the next Instagram or Snapchat, instead of companies that will truly change the world and benefit society... 32 2 years 1 month
Anyone who has worked in banking or at GS could...Anyone who has worked in banking or at GS could easily tell you there is no way GSElevator worked at Goldman Also, you are wrong on #2 15 2 years 2 months
So many nuggets of wisdom in here. I'd throw more...So many nuggets of wisdom in here. I'd throw more SBs if I could. [quote=RLC1] Meanwhile, life tends to become more complicated and more expensive as you go along. Spouses happen. Children happen. Illness happens. If these things happen to you while you're a new entrepreneur at the bottom of... 116 2 years 2 months
GS rates sales no questions asked. PM me if you...GS rates sales no questions asked. PM me if you have further questions. But that in my opinion should almost be a no brainer. Assuming you want to ultimately work in portfolio management. 13 2 years 4 months
May not be the answer you are looking for but you...May not be the answer you are looking for but you are going to have to network, network, network if you choose not to get an MBA. It sounds like you have a decent network in the area. Do you have a sense of what you want to do in finance? The securities side of the business, banking, business... 4 2 years 4 months
I wouldn't necessarily say trouble fundraising....I wouldn't necessarily say trouble fundraising. Several of the PE firms have been able to successfully raise money from sovereign wealth funds. If anything, one PE CEO told a group of us that there's a large pool of "mass affluent" who have a large pool of capital to invest and want better than... 7 3 years 1 month
The economic figures of China are definitely a...The economic figures of China are definitely a lie because even the Chinese ambassador to the US said so in cables that were leaked by Wikileaks. "The U.S. cable reported that Li, who is now a vice premier, focused on just three data points to evaluate Liaoning's economy: electricity consumption... 24 3 years 3 months
kloj: That's an interesting perspective, TheKing...[quote=kloj]That's an interesting perspective, TheKing and onebuck. I never thought about business journalism as a career (I kind of wrote off print/media as a career after I've seen the industry take a huge dive) but it could be a good option. But for this summer, at least, I want to explore an... 9 3 years 3 months
Second with what TheKing says, business...Second with what TheKing says, business journalism for the right company is surprisingly good and I've actually seen cases where the pay beats first or second year equity research analysts at BBs this year (yes all-in pay) Could potentially be easier to break in that way, and once you are in, I'... 9 3 years 3 months
I am seeing cap rates even lower than that, I'm...I am seeing cap rates even lower than that, I'm talking sub 2%, some investors are really targeting some positive HPA in the region.... and with the backlog of foreclosures and short sales... I'm not so sure that we'll be seeing that kind of price appreciation. In fact the region is one of the few... 11 3 years 3 months
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